Every time I turn around it seems that I am expressing an opinion about baked goods, and I know why. It's because they are delicious. I must say that I have gone on a bit of tear lately with flour tortillas. The last six meals I've eaten have been wrapped in a sixteen inch tortilla. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I just fill the tortilla with whatever is around and voila!, a meal.

It's also rather lazy on my part, I am well aware. I am an adult after all. I shouldn't be eating all of my meals in a burrito wrapper. Goodness, I cannot stop! I wrap any number of ingredients in a tortilla and then hover over the kitchen sink and snarf it down in the time it takes Neil Young to begin and end a song called, "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere." Granted, that song is a rather long tune, so no, I'm not consuming at a competitive eating pace, but I am munching down at a pretty good clip.

Now, you may be asking yourselves, has Malcolm let us in on the kind of music he prefers? The answer to that is a powerful no. I know nothing of Neil Young. The song, announced by a radio DJ, came blaring from a neighbor's window as I bit into my wrapped meal, and it ended as I wiped the corners of my mouth with a striped cloth napkin. I can say no more!


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