Smartcarb flatbread

April 23/Paterson, N.J. -- Kontos Foods Inc. announced the re-launch of its SmartCarb flatbread as Kontos Greek Lifestyle Flatbread. The hand-stretched Greek Lifestyle Flatbread has been specially formulated to appeal to protein-seeking, carb-conscious consumers who want to enjoy satisfying sandwiches, elegant appetizers and Mediterranean-style meals as part of a healthy diet.

“With this flatbread, we invite health and weight-conscious consumers to welcome bread back into their kitchens,” said Steve Kontos, vice president of Kontos Foods. “Kontos Greek Lifestyle Flatbread represents a new category of healthful foods that promote wellness and enjoyment of life and eating. We formulated the Greek Lifestyle flatbread to give it a nutritional benefit profile similar Greek yogurt -- higher protein, lower carbs and fewer calories.”

The Kontos Greek Lifestyle Flatbread has 15g of protein, 21g of carbs, just 2g of sugar and 190 calories per serving. The product is available for both retail and foodservice, in a four-pack, 10oz. package.

“As a Greek-owned company and leader in the flatbread category, Kontos Foods is very keyed into consumers’ desires for products that provide better-for-you and life-long health and wellness benefits. The Greek Lifestyle Flatbread has double the protein content of other flatbreads – and it does not have the high fat and cholesterol typically associated with meat or dairy products,” said Warren Stoll, Kontos Foods’ marketing director. “Our initial feedback from retail stores and restaurants -- both on the product and on the premium packaging -- has been very positive.”