Oh, time. Have I let too much pass? It's only natural to feel the years in your back, the organic decay of bone and tissue. Wait, we're discussing organic and natural as it pertains to food, right? Phew. This was shaping up to be an entry of melancholic proportions. But no! We are happy because we are compelled by food!

Do we all feel that we've struck the proper balance between industrial ingredients and organic and natural food components in the products we make? Some of you may be there, as evidence of your hard work rests in stuffed retail shelves. However, most of you are probably still plugging away at your formulations in a struggle to strike a desired and elusive balance between organic/natural and industrial ingredients. Are we tracking a unicorn?

Allow me to pause here to comment on unicorns. We should make no mention of them. This will be my final reference to the magical horned horse, especially in reference to pursuit, the subtext of which sags with defeat. No more! Your journeys into organic and natural ingredients are only making your formulations better. Consistency may be an impossibly high hurdle, but doesn't it also pose a challenge to your chemical knowledge? It must nag at you until you give in and chase the answer, the balance, to its final resting place. And where might that be? With any luck -- and of course, with your unflinching perseverance -- the answer will nestle into the products you work so hard to develop.

Now then...

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