Well, it's the time of year when so many people we know are starting to stitch together some semblance of a New Year's resolution. I, for one, am setting my sights on speaking more regularly from the diaphragm. Project! However, I can only assume that countless individuals are now making promises to themselves during morning-time mirror stares to shed extra pounds from their bodies in 2014.

This is where you step in, noble product developers. You wizards! The truth of the matter is that you are needed in the world. There are people out there that are depending on you to help them manage life, at least the eating aspect of it. And that's an enormous part of living!

You've no doubt struggled with some formulations that have weight management demands draped upon them. As you confront these issues, I implore you to peruse the information here on PreparedFoods.com. It's all catalogued and curated.


You weekly reduction!

Articles and videos concerning weight management in product development.

Fast Food Ads and Children
Children ages 6-11 saw 10% fewer TV ads for fast-food, per research.

Chocolate May Help Stem Obesity
Another study appears to find benefits from eating chocolate.

Positive Peer Pressure
Consumers are more likely to order certain foods if that is what their friends are ordering.

Impact of Low Fiber Consumption
A new study shows those who consume low amounts of fiber have a higher risk of a number of negative conditions.

Pea Fiber- A New Option for Fiber Enrichment

Cellulosic Hydrocolloids in Formulating for Weight Management

Find more articles and videos concerning weight management in food formulations.