It's after work. I've rested my pick and shovel. I am hungry. I will have something small. A snack. I will eat it fast, and then I will sit. I will drink a glass of iced tea with no sugar and I will read the poems of Nick Laird. I will pet the cat and I will stare at the dishes in the sink. Yes, I will drag myself in their direction and return them to a state of cleanliness. And I will consider dinner. But a full meal? Not yet. It's been hours sense my snack. I will create an appetizer. Yes! Sliced carrot, a length of pickle. That will do. Very simple.

You are probably thinking this coupling is uninspired. Perhaps you are right. Of course you are!

This is your role! You see where it can all be better. Why settle? Be better! Everything is always in motion. There is no achievement. There is only progress. There is no finish line where we're given a tray of sliced carrots and pickle lengths. It does not exist, I tell you. We can only build upon a foundation of carrot slices and pickle lengths. We can make them better! You can! You have! You will continue to do so!

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