Subway (Milford, Conn.) has announced an agreement that will put Coca-Cola (Atlanta) products in more than 20,000 Subway restaurants around the world. Most of the restaurants had served Pepsi (Purchase, N.Y.) products, though about 15% offered Coca-Cola beverages.

Neither Coke nor Subway offered specifics of the deal, but a Pepsi spokesperson was quick to note, “This is about an incredibly big bag of cash, and we hope Coke's offering the same deal to the rest of their customers.”

When the deal takes effect, Diet Sprite may not be among the beverages available to Subway patrons. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Coca-Cola may re-name the 30-year-old diet drink in 2004. The newly named Sprite Zero also may feature a different artificial sweetener, and Coke is making plans specifically to sell more of its diet brands overall.