Carefully managed cultivation, protection and promotion of natural growth are hallmarks of Martin Bauer's "Committed to Nature" principle. Martin Bauer focuses on ensuring that only quality raw materials go into its herbal and fruit teas, medicinal tea mixtures and standardized starting materials from medicinal plants, such as valerian and St. John's wort.

Martin Bauer GmbH & Co. KG. WRITE IN 361

A gentle dietary fiber has proven bifdogenic properties. Fibregum acacia gum is purified using only physical methods, with no chemical or enzymatic modification, and has been tested both in vitro and in vivo for its nutritional qualities. It also doubles as an emulsifier and stabilizer, has no flavor or odor and is highly soluble for ease in integrating into food formulas.

Colloides Naturels International. WRITE IN 362

Higher concentration natural-source Vitamin E products offer consumers higher potency in smaller quantities. Covitol® F-1370 is 37% more potent, making supplements smaller and easier to swallow, and giving manufacturers lower costs and more formulation flexibility. Covi-ox® T-90 is a natural antioxidant with the highest concentrated mixed tocopherols available and features forms of Vitamin E delivered in their naturally occurring ratios.

Cognis Corporation. WRITE IN 363

Carob-based dietary fiber taps into the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Caromax™ is well-suited for a variety of food applications, including baked goods, cereals, beverages and nutrition bars. Clinical studies show cholesterol-lowering effects in blood serum. Caromax™ contains naturally high quantities of lignin and polyphenols.

Nutrinova Inc. WRITE IN 365

Top-quality botanical extracts from Draco Natural Products are derived from the highest quality raw materials available. New, water-soluble powdered extracts and a water-only extraction process were featured. Draco is ISO-9000 and Kosher-certified.

Draco Natural Products. WRITE IN 366

Carotenoid lutein helps stave off degenerative eye diseases such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, a fast-growing concern among Americans. FloraGLO® is the first and only lutein to achieve GRAS status. FloraGLO® is chemically identical to that found in nature in dark green, leafy vegetables.

Kemin Foods LC. WRITE IN 367

Dairy ingredients increase nutritional power in food products. DMI helps food technologists in adding nutrition, as well as great taste, to a variety of applications. Funded by American dairy farmers, DMI promotes the use of value-added dairy ingredients in food for emulsification, viscosity, water binding, browning and flavor.

Dairy Management Inc. WRITE IN 368

Tri-calcium phosphate at Gallard-Schlesinger Inc. was shown in orange juice at the level of 20% of daily requirements. Assorted snack cakes showed off the capabilities of phosphate leavening agents. The company supplies many types of fortification supplements and functional ingredients.

Gallard-Schlesinger Inc. WRITE IN 369

Soy products add nutrition and formulation benefits to food applications. SoyLife® is mechanically processed to preserve nutrients. SoyLife has proven benefits in cardiovascular and bone health, as well as antioxidant and prebiotic effects. In food processing, SoyLife is stable across all pH levels and up to 500ºF, improves dough formation in pasta, and enhances crispness.

Schouten USA. WRITE IN 370

Omega-3 fatty acids have a role in maintaining cardiovascular health, in brain development, mood modulation, eye health and are anti-inflammatory. Marinol™ fish oil concentrates are formulated to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The glyceride forms are available as bulk oil, powders, or softgel capsules.

Loders Croklaan. WRITE IN 371

Milk and whey protein concentrates and isolates, as well as advanced peptides and milk minerals, are, offered by this international dairy ingredient company. A new ingredient, bovine colostrum, was introduced at the show.

Glanbia Ingredients Inc. WRITE IN 372

Calcium citrate features high bioavailability and neutral flavor and is supplied in several granulations for fortification of many different foods. Gadocal+ is a calcium citrate supplement specially designed to dissolve in beverages and other liquid products. Magnesium, which plays a role as a mediator of metabolic reactions in the body, can be added to foods in the form of Tri Magnesium Citrate or Gadomag+, a highly soluble supplement.

Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd. WRITE IN 373

Soy fiber that is 92% insoluble dietary fiber, was displayed by Fibred Group. The bland, white powder absorbs three times its weight of water, and has excellent mouthfeel, and binds and controls water in products such as bread, pasta and meats.

Fibred-Maryland. WRITE IN 374

Soymilk and cookies were fortified with calcium carbonate at Specialty Minerals. The soymilk contained 350 mg per serving and demonstrated that the very fine particles stay suspended in the beverage. The cookies were fortified with 1,150 mg per serving to show that highly-fortified calcium foods can taste good.

Specialty Minerals Inc. WRITE IN 375

Soluble fiber, Benefiber, can be blended into products without affecting their flavor, color or texture. The water-soluble fiber is derived from partially hydrolyzed guar gum. Fiber in the diet may help reduce cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease. It may also improve glucose tolerance and offer other health benefits.

Novartis Nutrition. WRITE IN 376

Additional beta carotene products, first introduced to the Watson Foods line in 2000, were displayed this year. In addition, Watson featured a number of new applications for its premixes, including a total nutrition bar, a bone health bar, mental-milk, an energy beverages, cookies for children, fortified juice, meal supplements, beverages, a weight loss beverage and a ready-to-drink iced coffee.

Watson Foods Co. Inc. WRITE IN 377

A natural ingredient extracted from chicory root aids digestive health and strengthens the immune system. Frutafit® inulin, a white, odorless powder that contributes a slightly sweet note to foods, is a prebiotic with unique water-soluble dietary fiber properties. Frutafit inulin enhances calcium absorption and helps control blood sugar levels.

Imperial Sensus. WRITE IN 378

An enriched chocolate-mocha beverage featured Raftiline® inulin and Raftilose® oligofructose. Water containing Raftilose Synergy 1 had no increase in viscosity and no altered flavor, yet the Synergy 1 helps increase calcium absorption by 20%, according to studies. The chicory-derived Raftiline and Raftilose boost healthful fiber in energy bars.

Orafti Active Food Ingredients. WRITE IN 379

Calcium carbonate for calcium supplements and fortification of foods--such as breads and cereals--is offered by OMYA. Mined from calcium carbonate deposits, the food grade calcium carbonate comes in four different particle size ranges and contains a minimum of 40% calcium.

OMYA Arizona. WRITE IN 380

Useful in yogurts, beverages, baked goods, and fruit preparations, NutraFlora prebiotics are 95% short chain fructoligosaccharides. The soluble fiber, from GTC Nutrition Co., has been shown to promote digestive system health, improve absorption of calcium and magnesium, strengthen immune response and promote regularity.

GTC Nutrition Co. WRITE IN 381

Flaxseed has seen a notable increase in interest, possibly following on the heels of soy's success. Pizzey's Milling noted a broad range of applications for the use of flax, in everything from supplements to cereal foods, such as bars, breakfast foods and breads. Flaxseed is the richest source of alpha-linolenic acid, the parent compound of omega-3 acid.

Pizzey's Milling. WRITE IN 382

Nature's antioxidant powerhouse, wild blueberries, were featured in a new juice and in a new sugar-infused product. In every form--frozen, dried, concentrate, powder or extract--wild blueberries deliver both antioxidant power and extraordinary taste.

Wild Blueberry Assoc. of North America. WRITE IN 384

A full line of vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, herbs, amino acids, as well as a host of other ingredients, were presented by the Wright Group. SuperCoat products are suited for a wide range of applications and include omega-3 fatty acid.

Wright Group. WRITE IN 385

"To be the best ally any food company can have." The Cargill Foods' booth theme of "Nourishing Potential" offered suggestions to raise the living standards around the world. Some of the company's recent innovations relate to soy. Applications for soy ingredients range from high-protein bread, to nutrition bars and beverages, to nutritional cereals.

Cargill. WRITE IN 386

Low-fat process cheese slices utlizing Dairy-Lo® were showcased. This all-natural, dairy protein-based functional ingredient promises superior opacification, emulsification, stabilization and viscosity control in a range of applications.

Parmalat Ingredients. WRITE IN 387

A line of blended products still relatively new in the U.S., was on display at J. Rettenmaier U.S.A. Vitacel dietary fibers have multi-functional properties and are available in wheat, apple, orange, oat, tomato and powdered cellulose. Arbocel is a powdered cellulose which requires no thermal processing for use.

J.Rettenmaier U.S.A. WRITE IN 388

Functional fiber ingredients, from a worldwide producer, featured products utilizing new functional fiber blends. Company products provide moisture absorption, stabilizing, enrichment and viscosity management to food applications.

International Fiber Corporation. WRITE IN 389

A union that couples quality nutritional ingredients with customized premix capabilities creates an alliance to benefit food manufacturers. BASF Corporation's Human Nutrition Group and Fortitech announced a strategic alliance involving sales and marketing of human nutrition premix products. Fortitech will use BASF's nutritional products in its premixed, complete nutrient systems, ensuring a consistently high quality and supply to their customers.

Fortitech, Inc./BASF Corporation. WRITE IN 364

Highlighting key ingredient suppliers was the focus of at this New Orleans-theme booth. A distributor of more than 3,500 ingredients to the food industry, Ashland has more than 100 distribution sites serving North America and Europe. Their new website,, allows customers to place oders 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to obtain ingredient information and to communicate with customer support.

Ashland Distribution Company's Fine Ingredients Division. WRITE IN 383

Technical Session: Supporting Research

Six speakers presented during Session 3, the first symposium sponsored by IFT's new Nutraceutical and Functional Foods Division. I gave the fourth presentation, speaking on the health benefits of ingredients touted by dietary supplement and food marketers.

Mintel's Global New Product Database ( gathers information on ingredients, nutrition and health claims featured on consumer products launched into the world's marketplace. The extensive data can be quantified in several ways. For example, of the products containing omega-3 fatty acids introduced between January 2000 to June 2001 that made a health-type claim, 28% touted skin and fur coat benefits (in pet foods). In products for humans, 24% targeted heart benefits and 14% addressed joints & ligaments. Of the probiotic-containing products introduced during the same period, 29% of the benefits were for digestive health, 18% for intestinal function, 16% for a strengthened immune system and 7% for a balanced intestinal flora.

Anthony Almada, IMAGINutrition, Aptos, Calif., noted that many foods positioned as "functional" lacked product-specific safety and efficacy research. That is, even though a bioactive component has such a record when consumed in pure form, or used in another matrix, is the ingredient as safe and effective when put into a new food? Almada outlined how fast (as short as six months) and inexpensive (costing from between $20,000 to $50,000) research can be used to substantiate efficacy of proprietary ingredients. Tactics include use of "surrogate endpoints" in clinical trials--such as C-protein and blood lipid profiles in hyper- or dys-lipidemic individuals--or biochemical turnover of a specific biochemical component in bone or tissues.

-Claudia D. O'Donnell, Editor