BI Nutraceuticals used SupplySide West to sample products made from a selection of the company's most popular functional ingredients. New prototypes included:

Gluten-Free Pita Chips with Hummus and Peanut Butter Dips – A gluten-free version of this popular snack food featuring BI’s Psyberloid™ (Psyllium Powder) and Quinoa Flour. Attendees can enjoy these gluten-free pita chips with either an antioxidant peanut butter dip featuring our Acai, Blueberry, and Green Tea Extracts or a hummus dip featuring a blend of our more popular vegetable powders such as Broccoli, Carrot, Parsley, and Spinach.

Energizing Arnold Palmer with Guayusa Powder Extract – BI’s Guayusa Powder Extract comes from the leaves of the holly tree, Ilex Guayusa, which grows abundantly in Ecuador and contains naturally occurring caffeine. It is water-soluble and less bitter in flavor compared to most teas, making it the ideal addition to beverages for a clean label, natural source of caffeine.

Non-Alcoholic Pina Colada with Pumpkin Seed Protein – A refreshing and protein packed pina colada featuring a clean label, hypoallergenic Pumpkin Seed Protein Concentrate. BI’s Pumpkin Seed Protein Concentrate contains 70%-80% protein; is organic; and has a favorable roasted aroma and milder flavor profile compared to other plant-based proteins, such as pea and soy.

Additionally, BI’s Vice President of Marketing Randal Kreienbrink and BI’s Certified Food Technologist Alison Raban participated in SSW’s Summit: Delivering on the Clean Label Expectation with their presentation, “Turning R&D Challenges Into Winning Formulas.” Kreienbrink and Raban provided an analysis of how formulators within the movement for clean label are tasked with finding ingredients that meet consumer expectations, yet remain capable of performing well in products. The speakers also offered their extensive expertise in discussing the trends in clean label ingredients and applications.

BI conducts extensive species identification and quality testing on every ingredient so manufacturers can be assured each one meets clean label claims. With more than 400 ingredient offerings – 200 of which are GRAS – BI can help companies boost the healthful properties of nearly any product.

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