Effective against gram-positive bacteria, Nisaplin® is a natural antimicrobial. Danisco Cultor is one of the world's premier manufacturers of antimicrobial and antioxidant products. Its line also includes Natamax™, a natural yeast/mold inhibitor used on Grade A dairy products, GRINDOX®, a full line of traditional antioxidant blends, such as TBHQ, BHA and BHT, and GUARDIAN®, a natural antioxidants based on rosemary extract.
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An extensive range of food protectants, acidifiers and antioxidants from leading manufacturers is available for the food and nutritional industries. Ashland Fine Ingredients provides items such as: ascorbates, benzoates, BHT, citrates, citric acid and other acidulants, EDTA, erythorbates, lactates, GDL, nitrate, polyphosphates, potassium sorbate, propionates and propyl gallate.
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A natural L (+)-lactic acid, PURAC® is used as acidulant due to its good antimicrobial properties and mild acid flavor profile. It is used in a broad range of applications: salads, sauces and beverages. PURASAL®, natural sodium and potassium lactate, controls pathogens and extends shelf life in meat and poultry products.
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Light in flavor and color, and high in acids, List-A-Smoke is an aqueous smoke product. Derived from a highly filtered aqueous smoke, List-A-Smoke provides a high antimicrobial effect that destroys microbes in meat products. Meat processors are offered a patented method of applying List-A-Smoke after peeling and before packaging to inhibit Listeria Monocytogenes.
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Many ingredients increase product stability and extend shelf life. Ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate are commonly used for flavor and color acidification and in the stabilization of soft drinks, juices, fruits, vegetables and meats. Ascorbyl palmitate and alpha-tocopherol minimize oxidation in products that contain fats and oils. A natural oxidant, mixed tocopherols offer enhanced protection due to the gamma-tocopherol content; it is also available as a 30% dry form.
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A water-soluble antioxidant, ERIBATE® (sodium erythorbate), improves the flavor, appearance and safety of meats. ERIBATE® enhances the meat-curing process, while inhibiting the growth of spoilage microorganisms. Meats, such as sausages and ham, maintain freshness in the meat case longer.
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Improve product stability, reduce moisture and decrease overages with Wright SuperCoat™ microencapsulated vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals. SuperCoat™ nutrients and SuperBlend™ custom premixes maximize product potency in functional beverages, bars and meal replacements. Make SuperCoat™ the Wright solution for your product.
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Carotenoid antioxidants in their natural state can be added to foods such as yogurts, cereals, fruit bars, cookies, breads, candies, health drinks and pasta. The Nutrifood® line of standardized concentrated extracts of fruits and vegetables, with naturally occurring carotenoids, is made without chemical solvents. Three new varieties, "Sunshine," "Arizona Sunset," and "Earths Harvest," contain varied blends of standardized carotenoids from fruits and vegetables, as well as lutein.

Dried plums are used in meat formulations to take advantage of two important protectant attributes. In puree, powder and concentrate forms, dried plums act as pathogen-reducing, anti-microbial agents (in a ground meat medium), effecting as high as a 99% microbial reduction rate. The dried plums also have excellent antioxidant properties and were rated first in antioxidant power over 25 of the most commonly consumed fruits and vegetables in a Tufts University study. The plums also help to eliminate off-flavors and to reduce spoilage in processed meats.
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