Prepared Foods August 8, 2005 enewsletter

The Solae Company expanded its partnership with Henan Luohe Shineway Industry Group, among China's largest meat processing companies, to build and operate an isolated soy protein manufacturing facility in China.

By partnering with Shineway, Solae believes it “aligns itself to be the preeminent provider of soy protein to China, while at the same time creates manufacturing efficiencies that will benefit food manufacturers around the world.”

"Expanding our partnership in China makes perfect sense from a business, operations and growth standpoint," said Tony Arnold, president and CEO of The Solae Company. "We are meeting our customers' needs by providing the highest quality products at a great price."

Shineway II will enable Henan Luohe Shineway to expand its local manufacturing base and offset shipping costs and other expenses. The Solae Company says its participation in this partnership will enable higher-quality, more functional soy protein products to be available in China, which will help grow both business and the economies of each country.

"Our customers will benefit from this partnership, because they will be receiving a superior, healthier soy product," said Wan Long, president of Shineway.

Shineway II expands The Solae Company's existing partnership with the Shineway group. In April 2004, The Solae Company and the Shineway group agreed to expand overall manufacturing capability to meet the growing global demand for soy protein. The two businesses built an innovative facility to manufacture soy protein concentrate for Shineway's use. The relationship between Shineway and its local government ties, coupled with Solae's technology to create better tasting, healthier soy protein, continues to assist Shineway in meeting the growing needs for high-quality protein by the Chinese consumer.