Quercetin May Be Used in Treating Prostate Cancer
Quercetin, a natural substance found in apples, onions, tea and red wine, has demonstrated an ability to reduce or prevent the growth of human prostate cancer cells by blocking activity of androgen hormones, according to a study conducted at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. “By blocking the androgen activity, the growth of prostate cancer cells can be prevented or stopped,” said Nianzeng Xing, Ph.D., the Mayo Clinic researcher who presented the results at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research held in New Orleans in March. The findings may lead to new treatment options for the 200,000 men diagnosed with the disease annually. Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death of American males. Quercetin has been studied by scientists for the past 30 years and is used to treat a variety of conditions, such as asthma, hay fever, eczema, hives, gout, pancreatitis and prostatitis.

Ancient Oriental traditions blend with modern day technology to create a family of delicious, naturally brewed soy sauce-based ingredients that include Lite Soy, Clear Soy, Non-Preservative Soy, Teriyaki, Tamari, Stir-Fry, Hoisin and Dry Soy Powder. Such ingredients enhance color, texture and flavor, and balance salt against sweet. Every domestic Wan Ja Shan product is kosher and pareve and carries the circle K seal on the label. Ingredients are available in 1 gallon containers, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, 330 gallon totes and up to 4,000/5,000 gallon tank cars.
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A database that boasts over 400 recipes and product formulations using tropical fruits has been launched by iTi tropicals, Inc., a leading importer and distributor of tropical fruit juice concentrates, purees and IQF pieces. The recipes and formulations can be used as a benchmark concept or to spur ideas for product development. The company invites industry professionals, especially those in the flavor area, to submit recipes/formulations using tropical fruits. Once included, the formula will be linked to the company that provided the recipe.
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A new agreement to market and sell stabilized menhaden fish oil powder in the U. S. , under the name of OmegaDry, has been announced by Wacker Biochem Corporation and Omega Protein Inc. Menhaden fish oil is a significant source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to a reduction in the risk of heart disease and also have been used in the treatment of inflammatory disorders. Cyclodextrin is used to stabilize OmegaDry fish oil powder against oxidation. The powder cannot be destroyed by shear forces, making it a good alternative to microencapsulated forms.
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A line of colorants suitable for use in a variety of confection applications—where a natural color is desired—have been introduced by Rhodia Foods. Annatto Food Colorants will deliver a light yellow to dark orange color, depending on the dosage.
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Ingredient Update

Most pathogenic bacteria can be eliminated or reducedwith a series of food and beverage solutions. The solutions treat diverse food groups, such as fish, shell fish and crustaceans; poultry; red meat; and produce. They control or eliminate: Legionella, fecal Streptococci, Salmonella cholerasuis, Staphylococci aureus, Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobactor, and fungi, yeast and mold. Additionally, the solutions act as a preservative for most consumable foodstuffs and beverages, clean and purify ice and drinking water, and extend shelf life.
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Concerns about the origins of red food coloring can be alleviated with another alternative in the form of MegaNaturale Carmine Substitute. A natural red food coloring derived from dark red grapes for beverages, MegaNatural is a non-allergenic, highly stable (even in beverages containing vitamin C and calcium), heat-resistant colorant that has an exceptional shelf life. MegaNatural is more label-friendly than carmine- and cochineal-based color additives, which are derived from insects.
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Vinegar toners will mellow the harsh, raw and acid taste of distilled vinegar. The toners give white distilled vinegar the flavor, aroma and color of the vinegar being replaced. This allows manufacturers to present a more uniform and appealing product. For example, those who use apple cider vinegar know it is subject to variances in color and flavor. This problem can be averted by adding the quality- and character-controlled apple cider vinegar toners that, once blended into white distilled vinegar, will result in a consistent apple cider vinegar. The toners are all natural and are available in apple cider, red wine, white wine, malt, balsamic and tarragon flavors.
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Bakery blends, in the form of the Manugelw and Manucolw Series from ISP Alginates, provide fillings with good baking properties, excellent flavor release and a variety of textures. Performance blends are well-suited to both hot or cold dairy and fruit-based fillings, and impart texture modification, moisture retention, bake stability and freeze-thaw stability.
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Aseptic banana puree (acidified or non-acidified) and clarified concentrated banana juice are available from Florida Products. Using fresh ripe bananas under strict quality standards, Florida Products obtains the perfect formula of taste, color, aroma and texture. Acidification with citric and ascorbic acids, as well as with lemon juice, are available upon request.
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Calcium Assists in Weight Loss
A study focused on the connection between calcium and weight loss in women conducted at Purdue University found that, despite how much the women exercised, those who consumed higher levels of calcium lost more body fat than the women with calcium-deficient diets. The subjects who met the recommended daily allowance of 1,000 milligrams ended up being about 5-1/2 lbs. lighter during the two-year study. Those who consumed an average of 700 milligrams of calcium a day lost just two pounds. In a separate study at the University of Tennessee, researchers discovered that women who consumed more calcium in their diets (about 1,300 milligrams per day) were much less likely to be obese than women who consumed little calcium. Although researchers do not exactly understand how the mechanisms work, low calcium intake is well-known to trigger a rise in parathyroid hormones, as well as to increase the active form of vitamin D in the body. One side effect of this condition is an accumulation of calcium in fat cells, which investigators believe are then primed to store fat and also resist fat breakdown. As a result, the women ended up with more body fat. (These two elements work together to meet the body's need for calcium by regulating its absorption from the gut and its movement into and out of the bones.)
Source: Tufts University, Health & Nutrition Letter, July 2001, Vol. 19, No. 5

To avoid the use of GMO products, U.S. food manufacturers may seek alternatives to corn-based sweeteners. TIC Gums offes two grades of gum arabic that are highly effective replacements for the viscosity provided by corn syrup: TIC Pretested® Gum Arabic FT, which has exceptional functional characteristics; and TIC Pretested® Bright Gum Arabic, whiter than standard gum arabic powder and yielding a tan or amber-colored syrup. A 50-60% gum arabic solution in water yields a consistency similar to corn syrup or honey. The solution provides body and mouthfeel to syrups, makes candy chewy and prevents crystallization in confections.
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New research concludes that the healthful properties of lactoferrin, a protein, are more ample than believed. Lactoferrin exhibits antimicrobial and antiviral activity, stimulates the immune system, promotes healthy intestinal flora, acts as an antioxidant and regulates the transport of iron. Also, data suggest that the protein may protect against Haemophilus influenza (flu), chronic hepatitis C, cancer- and ulcer-inducing bacterium (Helicobacter pylori), and fungal infections such as athlete's foot. With this promising outlook, it is most certain that Lactoferrin will become a highly-sought addition in nutraceutical foods and beverages. DMV International offers a high-grade purity Lactoferrin, backed by its scientific and application expertise.
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new web-based database by researchers at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. offers expanded bacterial detection capabilities. Food producers with an isolated bacterial strain and a web-connected computer may use the Bacterial Strain Database to conduct a confidential investigation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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The use of spice by Americans has nearly doubled in the last 20 years, to more than 1 billion pounds, according to the American Spice Trade Association's (ASTA) latest spice statistics report. Tracking consumption of imported and domestically produced spices from 1981 to 2000, the report also includes the spice trade's best estimates of domestic production in data collected from industry resources—information unavailable elsewhere. Its import figures focus exclusively on the products the ASTA defines as spices (“dried plant products used primarily for culinary purposes”) and thus differs slightly from the USDA's annual import/export report, which includes such non-spice products as fresh and candied ginger, prepared mustard and capers. Also, the ASTA reports celery seeds and ground capsicums, items the USDA no longer mentions. The report notes that America's consumption of spices has exceeded 1 billion pounds for each of the last two years, with 1999's totals hitting a record 1.079 billion pounds and 2000's dropping to 1.015 billion pounds.
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