Nutrition analysis and fitness software automates the process of nutrition planning. The Food Processor® provides a database and calculating tool to analyze up to 130 nutrients and nutrient factors. Genesis® R&D Product Formulation and Labeling Software takes the food technologist through the entire labeling process.
ESHA Research. WRITE IN 289

Screen for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) through the GMO Detection Services offered by Covance. GMO Detection Services include qualitative and quantitative analyses. Covance also offers a comprehensive range of food and nutritional research and testing and is a world leader in nutrition labeling.
Covance Labs. WRITE IN 290

Contract packing for cooking wine, lemon juice, and vinegar is just a sample of what Todhunter International offers. The company produces a full line of cooking wines, a vinegar line, as well as specialty vinegars. Additionally, the company offers specialty denatured spirits, including soy-sauce flavored rum, salted light rum French brandy, white tequila and Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey.
Todhunter International Inc. WRITE IN 291

A full range of ISO 17025 accredited, quantitative microbiology tests, pathogen screening, proficiency testing and nutrition labeling is offered by rtech® Laboratories. Sensory evaluations, consumer research and a progressive pilot plant for testing and development of new product and trial products and processes, offer unparalleled support services to the food professional.
rtech Laboratories. WRITE IN 292

A thorough analysis of recipes, menus and diets is easily obtained with the most comprehensive food knowledge base and set of program features that Nutritionist Pro® software provides. Nutritionist Pro Labeling Software offers 17 label formats, along with formulation analysis features. Both are products of First DataBank, a leading provider of electronic nutrition and medical information.
First DataBank, Inc. WRITE IN 293

For label development, verifying product safety, nutrition and ingredient analysis or evaluating product concepts, Ralston Analytical Laboratories offers a full range of testing, using both proven methods and up-to-date technology. Not all labs can analyze for vitamins, folic acid, choline chloride or biotin, but Ralston can measure even the tiny amounts required to meet nutritional requirements.
Ralston Analytical Laboratories. WRITE IN 294

Preventing adulteration of meat foods with objectionable meat species is important for religious-ethnic, health and economic reasons. Test kits from ELISA Technologies for species content, allergens and other compounds are used by the USDA, FDA and CFIA, as well as by commercial labs and retailers. ELISA also offers confidential, comprehensive testing services for government and private industries.
ELISA Technologies Inc. WRITE IN 295

Humidity measurement instruments use digital technology and are linked to water activity analysis software. The HygroLab Indicator from Rototronic Instrument Corp. accelerates water activity measurement to a matter of less than a minute and measures up to four product samples simultaneously. The Hygoclip portable humidity measurement instrument goes onto the plant floor to check samples.
Rototronic Instrument Corp. WRITE IN 296

Food and package testing is offered by TPC Labs, a full service analytical laboratory. Tests involving chemistry, physical testing and microbiology, are all within its capability. Some of the services available include shelf life studies, enzyme assays, allergen testing, thermal analysis, rheology and nutritional labeling analysis.

A spectrophotometer measuring SCI and SCE simultaneously, through dual apertures, has received good response from users. The portable device, from Minolta, allows measurements to be taken using two different areas of view (8 mm and 3 mm). The top-record spectrophotometer is the only top-recording model of its kind and has seen use by companies and universities.
Minolta Corporation. WRITE IN 298

A full range of food analytical testing is offered by Medallion Labs. GMO testing of grains is often requested at the current time, the company reports. Additionally, it also performs tests for trans-fatty acids, inulin and many other tests and services.
Medallion Laboratories. WRITE IN 299

The GMO Integrity Program from Sillikerw seeks to ensure confidence in ingredients, products and processes. The company uses real-time PCR technology, and adaptation of high-end PCR technology for GMO detection measurement, which can quantify each GMO individually and by percentage. After extensive usage in Europe--addressing such issues as foot-and-mouth disease, mad cow disease and GMO matters-- Silliker is launching this testing in North America.
Silliker Laboratories Group Inc. WRITE IN 300

A software application aimed at new product developers highlighted Formation Systems' booth at this year's Expo. Using a typical Microsoft-type interface, the Optiva software is a tool designed to close the gap between what the customer wants and what formulators are making.
Formation Systems Inc. WRITE IN 301

The portable Flex Series from MicroThermics, another debut at this year's IFT Expo, is a laboratory analysis system that includes both processing systems and optional components designed with mobility in mind; it can be placed in a one-meter cabinet. The series' product and processing capabilities match those of the company's larger systems and follow the same upgrade path.
MicroThermics Inc. WRITE IN 302

A twin-screw extrusion system extracts oil from a variety of grains, including sunflower seeds, canola, castor beans and flax seeds. The Clextral process successfully extracts up to 92% of the oil from the grain without the use of hexane or other chemical solvents. It combines the separate steps of grinding, heating and pressing into one continuous, efficient and flexible process.
Clextral Inc. WRITE IN 303

A turnkey manufacturing contract packager for portion control liquid and dry products, Portion Pac presented a new application--a microwaveable, gusseted pouch packaging. Among the products on display were portions of shelf stable cream cheese and well-known brand products, including Jif, Welch's jams, Wish-Bone dressings and Frank's Red Hot sauce.
Portion Pac Inc. WRITE IN 304

The Pawkit water activity meter is suited for purposes ranging from quality assurance checks to inspections. A new, portable instrument--the first truly portable, palm-sized unit of its kind--was one of the draws to its booth this year.
Decagon Devices Inc. WRITE IN 305

Technical Session: The Nose Knows

Presentation Session 72-4 covered characteristics of an "electronic nose" now on the market and presented details on how far this type of technology has advanced.

The zNosee can quantify odors and support quality control testing of aroma and flavor in foods and beverages, noted E.J. Staples, Electronic Sensory Technology. Additionally it can "speciate" and quantify the individual chemicals present in any odor, smell, fragrance, vapor or odor in 10 seconds--with part per billion sensitivity--using only a single sensor.

At the same time, the zNose produces VaporPrintse, high-resolution visual olfactory images, and hundreds of virtual chemical sensors, as well. With the ability to perform over 400 measurements daily, the zNose has the potential to be a cost-effective quality control tool.

Operating in roughly 10 seconds, the zNose can test a wide array of vapor concentrations, has ppb or better sensitivity and maintains its calibration over extended periods of time. Furthermore, the device can recognize and quantify a variety of complex fragrances, by means of a distinctive olfactory pattern. Among the applications presented were the measurement of fatty acids in milk and freshness (diacetyl) of fruits and juices. With the use of chemical sensor arrays, chemical concentrations can be monitored individually, requiring only seconds to assess quality.

-William A. Roberts, Jr., Associate Editor