New in vitro research conducted at the University of Scranton indicates that PomElla[tm], a pomegranate extract made by Geni Herbs of Noblesville, Ind., displays five times greater antioxidant behavior than either vitamin E or ellagic acid.

The study measured the decrease of copper-catalyzed oxidation of LDL+VLDL cholesterol in human plasma by the three antioxidants. It found that the concentration required to inhibit half the oxidation was about fivefold less for PomElla than for vitamin E or ellagic acid.

This new study is consistent with previous trials that demonstrate the unique benefits of pomegranate antioxidants on cardiovascular health. Company officials say PomElla is the only pomegranate extract standardized to punicalagins, and may offer something more than the average berry. Human clinicals examining the cardiovascular-benefiting principles of PomElla currently are underway, with results due mid-July. Geni Herbs, Blake Ebersole, 317-776-3600,