Prepared Foods May 2, 2005 enewsletter

Molson Coors Brewing Company announced that Daniel J. O'Neill, vice chairman, Synergies and Integration and formerly president and CEO of Molson Inc., has chosen to leave the company on May 31 of this year. O'Neill's decision to leave the company is based on his completion of the merger synergies plan and strategies work.

"Dan has done an outstanding job. He has devised a master plan to deliver on the synergies that made this merger so promising," said Leo Kiely, CEO of Molson Coors. "He has marshaled the team and, with Cathy Noonan, set the benchmarks for delivering the synergies plan. His contribution to the success of the merger has been exceptional."

"I am satisfied that I have delivered on the synergies commitment, and I am leaving the company in good hands and with a bright future," said O'Neill. "The merger teams have been working for nearly a year to plan, identify and organize the synergies. More importantly, the global synergies team has taken ownership of the plan and is driven to implement it successfully. He added, "I have been proud to lead the charge and to create a strong, effective synergies team that will now be led by Cathy Noonan."

Molson Coors appointed Noonan to the position of global chief synergies officer, reporting to O'Neill, in December 2004. Noonan will maintain her title and responsibilities and will now report directly to Kiely.