Many of today's consumers expect their foods not only to taste good, but also to be good for them. They are attracted to healthful foods, for example, foods that are low in fat, salt, sugar, cholesterol and sodium, and those that have added protein, vitamins and minerals. Formulators developing these products not only run into sensory issues but, more importantly, issues of taste.

Wouldn't it be nice to add a magic potion to make something taste less bitter? Or less salty? Or less sour? Last year, Wixon-Fontarome (St. Francis, Wis.) introduced the Mag-nifique Flavor Technologies line of natural flavors. Each product, available in a liquid or powder form, specifically addresses a formulation problem. The Mag-nifique flavor is simply added into the product at the same time as the rest of the flavors, and the flavor issue is well on its way to being resolved.

For example, Mag-nifique Pro-no masks “beany” off-notes from soy protein, and enhances the product's flavor and mouthfeel. Mag-nifique Mask reduces minor background bitter notes and is effective in certain high-intensity sweetener systems where it creates a sweetness profile that closely resembles sucrose. Mag-nifique Sour Away reduces the perception of sourness without affecting the pH of a product and can be used in salad dressings, pickled vegetables, yogurts and in other products where acid levels are a problem.

Typical usage rates are low, around 0.1% in a finished product. The Mag-nifique products are water-soluble, and heat- and shear-stable. “They were developed proactively to address the new ingredients, product concepts and market trends facing today's food scientists and product managers. They improve common sensory problems at very low levels… In some cases, they even reduce costs,” states Julie Grover, application technologist.

In addition to their masking prowess, some of the Mag-nifique products can be used to boost flavors such as mint, maple and chocolate. They can be incorporated into applications such as baked goods, desserts, meats and poultry.

The natural flavors help to reduce or eliminate excess bitterness, acidity, saltiness, sourness and sweetness. They can add desirable mouthfeel in low-fat systems. And they address all of these tricky formulation problems without affecting nutritional or labeling claims.

  • Mag-nifique Bitterless - reduces bitter aftertaste in products such as tropical fruit juices, pharmaceuticals and alcoholic drinks.

  • Mag-nifique Green Away - reduces green, grassy, hay-like notes in teas, botanicals and canned vegetables.

  • Mag-nifique Mimic - reduces metallic and chalky aftertastes from minerals in foods and beverages fortified with minerals.

  • Mag-nifique Mouthfeel - creates the perception of creaminess in reduced- or fat-free products.

  • Mag-nifique Salt Away - reduces the perception of salt in sports drinks, cheese sauces, pickles and processed meats.

  • Mag-nifique Sweet Away - reduces the sensation of sweetness in fruit spreads, icings and other high-sugar products.

  • Mag-nifique Vita-Minimizer - suppresses vitamin off-notes in nutritional beverages.

    “For many food scientists and product managers, Wixon Fontarome's Mag-nifique Flavor Technologies have become an invaluable resource for creative product development,” says Grover. To be able to simply add another flavor to address the formulation challenge at hand really is quite “mag-nificent.”

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