Now food processors can get the rich taste of slow-cooking in less time. Ideal for building deep, savory flavors in a variety of food applications, Roastin'[r] flavors from Red Arrow provide slow-cooked taste for rapid preparation systems. Complementing the roasted chicken skin taste of Roastin' 9073, the turkey notes of Roastin' 2002 and the meaty roasted chicken taste of Roastin' 1013, Red Arrow's new offerings include the dark roasted pork flavor of Roastin' 3106, the oven-roasted beef of Roastin' 3107 and braised chicken taste of Roastin' 3108. Prepared foods taste better, richer and more like home-cooked meals with the built-in flavors of Roastin' from Red Arrow. Red Arrow Products Company LLC, 920-769-1100, x 1162,,