Superior freeze thaw stability and a clean label are a few of the benefits provided by a new starch. The functional properties of NOVATION 8600 waxy rice, native starch closely resemble those of modified starches. NOVATION 8600 is part of the NOVATION line of rice starches, which have been tested in many foods and provide a desirable, smooth, short texture; they also exhibit good tolerance to heat, acid and shear. The starch has a very bland flavor profile and has consistently shown performance characteristics similar to those of highly stabilized modified starches.
National Starch & Chemical.

The benefits of improved calcium absorption, fiber enrichment and enhanced gastrointestinal health are some of the benefits of using of RAFTILINE® (inulin), RAFITLOSE® (oligofructose) and Synergy1. Available from Orafti Active Food Ingredients, they replace fat and sugar without affecting taste or mouthfeel. Synergy 1 enhances calcium absorption at lower use levels.
Orafti Active Food Ingredients.

Eggs contribute a variety of textures to confectionery items. The egg yolk's natural emulsifiers help retard crystallization and make chocolate truffles, ice cream, nougat and frosting smooth and creamy. Eggs naturally lend structural desirability while creating texture and volume.
American Egg Board.

Improve texture and stability for bakery products, sauces, beverages and salad dressings with Rhodia's new line of Meyprogene MS systems. Rhodia's functionally enhanced line of hydrocolloids—xanthan gum, carrageenan, guar gum and locust bean gum, plus its complete line of food phosphates, provide the base for the Meyprogen MS systems. Its applications development staff will work with you to provide the solutions for your texture and stability needs.

Xanthan is ideal for salad dressings, baked goods, dairy products, low-calorie foods, syrups and more. ADM's commercially available, high-performance xanthan gum offers superior rheology, stabilizing and thickening properties, heat stability, pH stability and excellent cling. The company offers customers dependable supplies of consistent quality, along with knowledgeable technical support and worldwide distribution.

A broad range of hydrocolloids from leading producers, as well as expertise that provides time- and cost-savings solutions, encompass Ashland's Fine Ingredients Division. FID's product portfolio ranges from starches, texturizing and stabilizing systems, to ingredients such as: agar-agar, carboxymethylcellulose (cellulose gum), carrageenan, gelatin, guar, gum arabic (acacia), gum blends, hydroxylpropylmethylcellulose, locust bean gum, Oatrim, pectin, starches, xanthan and xanthan replacement systems.
Ashland's Fine Ingredients Division.

The emulsification and stabilization properties of arbinogalactan make this prebiotic and dietary fiber a truly functional ingredient for functional foods and beverages. Its food attributes include a low caloric value; low impact on color, odor, taste and mouthfeel; and low flatulation potential, even as it encourages a positive bifido response. As seen in the chart, it can be incorporated into beverages at relatively high levels to provide significant amounts of soluble fiber while contributing little increase in viscosity when compared to other hydrocolloids.
Larex Inc.

A wide range of specialty starches, such as C*HiForm cold water-swelling starches, C*EmCap emulsifying starches and C*dry MD highly purified maltodextrins via ion exchange are now available. Cerestar, a world-leading supplier of starch and starch derivatives, has a fully comprehensive range of polyols (used as low-calorie and non-cariogenic sweeteners) including erythritol (the perfect choice for beverages) and isomalt.
Cerestar USA.

Low-pasting temperature starches that develop full viscosity when heated to 110°-120°F are particularly suitable for microwaveable applications. Staley LO-TEMP® modified food starches open exciting new product concepts along with existing product and process improvements.
Tate & Lyle.

Starches provide emulsion stability, clarity and clean flavor in sauces and salad dressings. PURE-GEL® stabilized starches hydrate at lower temperatures, have lower back pressures and give heat, acid and shear stability during processing. Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) offers a full line of PURE-GEL modified food starches for processed foods.
Grain Processing Corporation.

Custom stabilizers that meet the specific requirements of a variety of products are complemented by 100 years of experience. David Michael offers its Michtex® stabilizer formulations, which can be used in products such as pumpkin pie, cottage cheese, low/no fat processed cheeses and coffee creamers, salad dressings, low/no fat frozen desserts, meat items, bakery fillings, icings, candies and in many other food items. The company's food scientists and technologists offer the ability to do in-depth product development and scale-up. An area that is of particular expertise is the use of combination stabilizer/natural flavor systems and high- and low-fat systems.
David Michael and Co. Inc.

The experience and resources of a large company can help those who need to gel jam, suspend soy or improve texture. Danisco Cultor, the world's leading supplier of hydrocolloids and functional blends to the food industry, offers products such as pectin, carrageenan, alginate and locust bean gum. The company also manufactures functional blends tailor-made to satisfy any product or process requirement. RESIST Stabilizer from Germantown imparts heavy body, creamy texture and good heat stability to sour cream. It is especially good when used in the manufacture of sour cream dip bases containing spices, jalapeno, chipotle, Southwestern ranch or peppers that potentially break down the sour cream.
Danisco Cultor.

GMO-free and kosher starches that can be used in cold processed sauces, including those that require steam table stability, are part of a unique line of cold thickening starches based on both potato and tapioca starches. AVEBE America's starches offer a clean flavor profile and a high viscosity with a variety of textures available; the potato starches offer cost savings, the result of a 25 to 35% reduction in usage levels. Other applications include salad dressings, fruit fillings, icings, meat marinades and glazes.
AVEBE America.

Non-GMO gum acacia and gum arabic help improve body, texture and mouthfeel in a host of applications. Importers Service Corp. offers spray-dried versions that provide a dependable source as well as a half century's expert assistance with these all-natural gums. The company's processing capabilities assure purity and uniformity.
Importers Service Corp.

Natural food manufacturers struggle with the use of all natural starches and thickeners, which cannot withstand typical food processing parameters. A & B Ingredients has introduced Remyline XS, a new type of rice starch produced through a unique process using a specialty waxy rice variety. The result is a starch with improved tolerance during processing (shear, temperature and acidity). Remyline XS is a native starch produced without any chemical modifying agents or additives and is GMO-free. Applications include yogurts, sauces, salad dressings, fruit preparations and baby foods.
A & B Ingredients.

Vegetarian foods often incorporate apple, banana, carrot, lemon, lime and orange products. Freeze-dried fruit powders are popular in dry and liquid juice concentrate replacement applications. The natural juice content and nutrient profiles of Crystals International Inc. products are largely the result of a continuous vacuum freeze-drying process that is unique within the food industry. The products are not manufactured at extremely high temperatures, as in the case of drum- and spray-drying processes. A continuous drying process is not as energy, labor and cost intensive as traditional batch freeze-drying, yet retains the delicate flavors and the nutritional content of the juice concentrate's raw materials.
Crystals International Inc.

Dusting, lumping and conveying problems are typically encountered when utilizing standard 80 mesh xanthan gum. Keltrol® 521 addresses these problems because it has a controlled particle-size distribution. Compared to conventional 80 mesh products, Keltrol 521 can be used with lower dispersant levels without sacrificing the hydration rate. Minimizing the dusting characteristics leads to improved product utilization and better working environments from both a safety and GMP perspective. Also, the product has enhanced powder flow properties, which lead to more consistent portioning, better operation of eductor funnels and more complete emptying of bulk bags.
CP Kelco.

A product with excellent body and a creamy mouthfeel are the result when Coyote Stabilizer NJ-1 is used. A suspension agent for UHT, retort or aseptic coffee, cappuccino and like beverages, the product is available from Gum Technology. Gum Technology.

Custom-manufactured stabilizer and texture systems for the food processing industry help to provide effective functionality in the formulation of foods and beverages. Additionally, they help to improve cooked yield, flavor and appearance in a wide range of products such as processed meat and poultry, frozen entrees and side dishes, dairy systems, snack foods and beverages.
Advanced Food Systems.