To help bakers meet increased demand for low-carbohydrate, high-protein bread and related products, MGP Ingredients Inc. offers a line of highly functional, wheat-based solutions. The company's wheat protein isolates and wheat protein concentrates can be formulated in breads and other bakery products (such as rolls, bagels, buns, pizza dough and flour tortillas) to reduce available carbohydrate levels while raising the protein content. Ingredients include MGPI's Arise[r] 5000, Arise[r] 6000, FP[tm] 600 and HWG[tm] 2009.

The company's specialty proteins also can enhance the extensibility of dough and improve the shelf-stability of breads, including fresh, par-baked, refrigerated and frozen. Increased fiber content, as well as reduced carbohydrate levels, can be achieved using MGPI's resistant wheat starch, FiberStar 70[tm], which delivers a minimum 70% of total dietary fiber. Compared to a traditional fiber like bran, FiberStar 70 possesses a clean flavor, imparts a smooth texture and maintains a nearly invisible presence in finished products. MGP Ingredients, Food Ingredients Division, 800-255-0302, ext. 3276 or 913-367-1480, ext. 3276,