Whey-based Beverage with Acai Pulp as Probiotic Carrier

January 12/Campinas, Brazil/Technology News Focus -- "This research aimed to evaluate the commercial potential of a whey-based dairy beverage containing acai pulp as a food probiotic carrier, as determined by physical-chemical (pH, titratable acidity, total solids, ash, protein, fat and carbohydrates) and sensorial properties (overall acceptance)," scientists in Campinas, Brazil, report.

"The analyses for the approximate composition, pH and titratable acidity of the whey beverages indicated no apparent statistical differences (at 5% level) between the control product and that containing acai pulp. In regard to probiotic viability, while the control dairy beverage showed a reduction of one log cycle (10(6) - 10(5) CFU/mL) in the population of Bifidobacterium longum BI-05 and Lactobacillus acidophilus La-14 after 21 days of storage, the beverage containing acai pulp showed significantly higher counts (10(7) and 10(8) CFU/mL) for both micro-organisms studied (p <0.05)," wrote S.S. Zoellner and colleagues, Campinas State University.

The researchers concluded, "The sensory analysis supported the commercial potential of the acai-containing probiotic whey beverage, with 70% of the scores corresponding to 'extremely better than the standard' and 'slightly better than the standard'. Aust. J. Dairy Technol. 64, 177-181."

Zoellner and colleagues published their study in Australian Journal of Dairy Technology ("Whey Beverage with Acai Pulp as a Food Carrier of Probiotic Bacteria." Australian Journal of Dairy Technology, 2009;64(2):177-181).

For additional information, contact A.G. Cruz, Campinas State University, Faculty Engineering Alimentos, Dept. of Ciencia Alimentos, Cidade University Zeferino Vaz S-N, BR-13083862 Campinas, SP, Brazil.

From the January 18, 2010, Prepared Foods E-dition