An all-natural rice protein concentrate that contains a minimum of 80% rice protein is now available from A&B Ingredients, a leading provider of rice-based ingredients. Remypro N80+ contains 10% more protein, has a finer particle size, cleaner taste and whiter color than Remypro N70+, which was introduced last year.

Remypro N80+ is not thixotropic. This means that, unlike most proteins, it can be used at high levels without thickening. Also, because Remypro N80+ is rice-based, it is hypoallergenic. Rice protein is a natural, complete protein, one of the most easily digestible grain-based proteins, and contains all essential and non-essential amino acids. Remypro N80+ rice protein can be used to increase the nutritional content of low-carbohydrate baked goods and pasta, energy bars, meal replacement systems, and nutritional supplements. A&B Ingredients, Gil Bakal, 973-227-1390,