Boiling eggs for specific entrees or meal options has become a thing of the past in Canada, with the launch of Hard Boiled Eggs from Burnbrae Farms. The eggs are high in omega-3 polyunsaturates and are an excellent source of vitamin E and protein. Produced by flax-fed hens, they are packed in a six-ct. container. The company suggests rinsing the eggs before use.

Coca-Cola in Japan has launched a new line of canned, ready-to-drink coffees, under the Georgia Area Blend brand. The four varieties in the lineup are formulated specifically for the four different regions of Japan. The variety for the north of the country (Hokkoku) contains more sugar than the other three, to “combat cold and energise the body.” The Kansai version (for the Osaka and Kyoto areas) has the highest milk content, at 17%, to cater to the local preference toward milky coffee. In the Tokyo metropolitan area, the Kanto version has a moderate combination of sweetness and milk to give a refreshing taste. Finally, the Nangoku variety for the south of the country contains more coffee than the others, to give a bitter flavor suited to the more temperate climate.

The Magnum ice cream brand is set to innovate the chocolate confectionery market with the Italian introduction of Magnum branded milk chocolates (made with select ingredients and 60% pure chocolate). It is a surprising, yet logical, entrant, considering the many chocolate brands that have entered the ice cream market, and also considering the diverse interests from the leading players involved in both markets. The new Magnum chocolates have been introduced by Unilever subsidiary Sagit and comprise Magnum Praline drops, Magnum Essence tablet and Magnum Infinity bar.

Another emerging trend in chocolate confectionery is the development of low-carbohydrate lines to fit in with the popular low-carb diets. The trend is most active in the U.S. (where low-carbohydrate, pre-packaged foods are appearing in categories including beer and biscuits), but it is slowly making moves into the U.K. The latest such U.K. import is CarboLite's milk chocolate flavor bar. It contains 0.2g “net effective carbs” and will be available in Superdrug and Benjy's stores.

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