All-natural Fat Replacer

What gum blend can replace fat in dressings, instant bake mixes, sauces, meat analogs, ice cream and more? Gum Technology's cold setting Coyote Brand Stabilizer CKX-Fat Replacer mimics fat and creates a creamy mouthfeel in low-/non-fat products. This all-natural blend of cellulose gel, konjac and xanthan contains soluble and insoluble fiber and is excellent for freeze/thaw stability and moisture control. Gum Technology Corporation, 800-369-4867,,

Functionality Without Fats

Replacement of triglycerides with high levels of trans fatty acids remains a target for food manufacturers. Dairy-Lo®, a functionally modified whey protein concentrate made by Parmalat Canada, can replace the mouthfeel lost when a partially hydrogenated oil high in trans fatty acids is substituted with a traditional RBD vegetable oil. Take out the partially hydrogenated oil, replace it with a non-hydrogenated oil to replace the functionality, and then rebuild the fatty mouthfeel with Dairy-Lo. Parmalat Ingredients, Gloria Sauve, 877-891-0811,

Free Flow

Improve the quality of your processing with the help of a leading food technology firm. Degussa's SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® silica products are sold throughout the world in food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and agricultural products to provide free flow and anti-caking, enhance absorption of flavors and active ingredients, improve processing (especially spray drying) and help products to dissolve during use. Degussa Corporation, Anke Gercken, 800-233-8052,,

Halal Approval

Increased globalization is leading to changes in the social behaviors and attitudes of the younger Muslim generation. While they remain halal-conscious, they still want to eat Thai food, Chinese food, pizza and burgers. Naturex, the specialist of natural ingredients, has received halal approval by IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America) for its plants in France, Morocco, New Jersey and California. With 1.4 billion Muslims in the world, “H=halal” certification means more opportunities for food manufacturers. Naturex,

Burn Fat, Lose Weight

An all-natural weight loss ingredient is clinically proven to reduce body weight, curb appetite and maintain healthy cholesterol levels while burning fat. Available as a unique calcium/potassium salt of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), Super CitriMax®, from InterHealth Nutraceuticals, is tasteless, odorless and 100% soluble, compared to ordinary calcium-based HCA ingredients, which are typically no more than 50% soluble. Super CitriMax has not only been shown to help people lose weight, it also increases the body's ability to burn fat and increases the level of serum serotonin to help deal with emotional issues dieters face. InterHealth Nutraceuticals Inc., 707-751-2800, beverage,

Power Plant

CoQ10 is a powerful, fat-soluble, vitamin-like substance found naturally in all forms of animal life. Vital in the production of energy, it is a power plant of the body that is found in most cells, with especially high concentration in the heart. EP40AN, from Kaneka Nutrients, contains 40% CoQ10, much higher than that of other emulsified powders, is non-GMO and is water-based. It can be used to produce a wide range of products, such as hard capsules, chewable tablets, drinkable jelly and energy bars. KanekaQ10 is natural Coenzyme Q10, manufactured by yeast fermentation, which is the same as that manufactured by the human body. Kaneka Nutrients, 281-291-4489,,

Clean Salt Taste

Low-salt products will receive a boost from Maxarome® Select, a high nucleotide yeast extract and a useful tool in formulating foods such as chips, sauces, soups and other products. This product increases the perception of salt, but allows for as much as a 40%-60% reduction in salt in processed and restaurant foods. The product has a very clean taste, improves mouthfeel and contributes to an all-natural, consumer-friendly label. Maxarome Select works well in side dishes and white meat, vegetable and fish entrées, where a clean taste profile is necessary. DSM Food Specialties, Otis F. Curtis, 914-432-5048,


The old saying “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar” has a new twist: 100% honey balsamic vinegar. The first balsamic vinegar made exclusively from honey has been developed by the National Honey Board. Made with only two honey-based ingredients, naturally brewed honey vinegar and caramelized honey, the product has no sulfides and delivers the mellow flavors of traditional balsamic vinegar along with a distinctive sweet-tart taste that is all its own. Food technologists can cash in on the popularity of gourmet vinegars. The National Honey Board is offering the product formulation and process at no charge to manufacturers interested in producing and marketing the vinegar. The National Honey Board, Charlotte Jordan, 303-776-2337,,

100 Calorie Snacks Are In!

Yes, calorie counting is back! Develop controlled-calorie snacks that appeal to weight-conscious consumers. Danisco's delicious formulations for cookies, cakes, wafers, beverages, chocolates and confections made with Litesse® polydextrose and lactitol have reduced calories, fat and sugar and can be packaged in 100 calorie (or less) portable portions. Litesse® polydextrose is a 1Kcal/g specialty carbohydrate that offers a wide range of physiological and functional benefits. Lactitol is a reduced-calorie sweetener derived from milk sugar and plays a versatile role in foods such as chocolate, ice cream and baked goods. Danisco Sweeteners, Donna Brooks, 800-255-6837, ext. 2521,

From Concept to Market

Merge your manufacturing or blending experience with professional sourcing and marketing expertise. Since 1892, the Scoular Company has offered ingredient and co-packing solutions to food processors. Starches, proteins, lactates, flours and fibers are just some of the ingredients Scoular can provide. A long history of manufacturing representation gives them the experience and understanding to develop products. Formulators should bring their processing needs to Scoular to see how Scoular can help bring their products from concept to market. The Scoular Company, 612-851-3737,

Give Them the Raspberry!

Using proprietary distillation techniques guarantees maximum raspberry flavor. Wholly distilled from fresh raspberries, Raspberry Treattarome 9845 from Treatt PLC delivers varying levels of flavor intensity at different dosage amounts, offers an authentic, well-rounded, natural fresh raspberry flavor and is particularly suitable for clear beverages. Other Treattarome flavors include blueberry, mango, banana and kiwi. Treatt USA Inc., Steve Shelton, 863-668-9500,,

Natural Beta-Carotene

Until recently, most manufactured versions of beta-carotene were synthetic. Together with the Spanish company VITATENE, WILD has developed a formulation based on natural beta-carotene for widespread use within the food and beverage industry. The newly developed, natural colorant named Betanat® is produced by VITATENE, using WILD as its worldwide exclusive distributor to the food and beverage industries. Betanat is available in a 30% oil suspension and as a 10% CWDC. In addition, WILD formulates specialty emulsions utilizing Betanat. WILD Flavors Inc., Debra Poskanzer, 859-342-3670,

Metabolic Syndrome

Red wine may protect against metabolic syndrome by enhancing nitric oxide synthase function. According to a review from Chile, results from several laboratories indicate that the improvements in risk factors after red wine consumption are mediated by endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS). Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of metabolic risk factors associated with high risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and affects 10%-30% of the world's population. A recent finding suggests that defects in eNOS function may cause this syndrome. In humans, eNOS polymorphisms associate with insulin resistance and diabetes, hypertension, inflammatory and oxidative stress markers and albuminuria. Since red wine enhances eNOS function, the resulting eNOS enhancement should reduce metabolic syndrome incidence and its effects.

AACC International's Board of Directors Approves Glycemic Carbohydrates Definitions

After considerable debate and input from many sources, an ad hoc committee of AACC recommends the following definitions:
* Available carbohydrate is carbohydrate that is released from a food in digestion and which is absorbed as monosaccharides and metabolized by the body
* Glycemic response is the change in blood glucose concentration induced by ingested food
* Glycemic carbohydrate is carbohydrate in a food which elicits a measurable glycemic response after ingestion
* Glycemic impact is the weight of glucose that would induce a glycemic response equivalent to that induced by a given amount of food
For more details and clarifications,