Elegant Dessert Bars To Go

Godiva is world-renowned not only for fine premium chocolates, but also for delectable ice creams. This new treat, Godiva Ice Cream Bars, brings together the perfect blend of both.

Two flavors round out the collection: White Chocolate Raspberry (creamy white chocolate ice cream with a raspberry swirl enrobed in a Godiva dark chocolate coating) and Belgian Dark Chocolate (creamy dark chocolate ice cream with a Godiva milk chocolate coating). These two ice cream flavors are the brand's most popular and are sure to satisfy anyone's craving for a signature, super-premium treat. The indulgent bars are available for a limited time only.

They sell for $3.75 each or come packaged in a 12-ct. container.

Yo! Crunch on a New Addition

Signaling the first co-branded cereal venture, YoFarm presents its YoCrunch Lowfat Blueberry Yogurt with Grape-Nuts cereal. The company is known for teaming with various confectionery brands to create a fun snack, but this release is fun and exceptionally nutritious.

By working with Grape-Nuts, a traditionally “adult” brand, this product is marketable toward consumers of all age brackets. It contains 1% milk fat, live acidophilus and bifidus cultures, and grade-A vitamins A and D. This smooth and crunchy treat can be consumed anywhere, from at home to on-the-go. The Grape-Nuts cereal mix-ins are housed in a separate compartment, to be added in the yogurt according to the consumer's preference.

Taste the Rainbow and Ice Cream, Too!

With only a few notable flavor changes to the Skittles brand over the past few years, Masterfoods once again has set out to broaden its flavor horizons. Earlier this year saw the launch of the popular candy in ice cream flavors, some including caramel ripple, chocolate and orange vanilla. However, this launch forced consumers to choose between the original candy or the new ice cream addition.

Now, the company is allowing consumers a chance to experience both at the same time with a new limited edition, offering flavors of lime, grape, orange, lemon and strawberry ice cream. Lovers of these bite-size candies best act quickly; this promotion will be switching the limited-edition flavor periodically.

Double Trouble

Gumlink, a company based in Denmark, has introduced to the States its collection of two-layer compressed chewing gum. Claimed to be superior in both taste and texture, the unique double-layer structure combines a layer of chewing gum and a hard compressed mint.

The line includes an Extreme Sport variety, said to be a long-lasting, sugar-free gum that will produce a mouthwatering explosion. Two pieces of this gum are equivalent to one cup of coffee, so it can be consumed as an alternative to coffee, or just a unique delivery of an energy booster. A 10-count pack is sold in stores. Perhaps this new product will be the onset of a completely new segment of candy goods?

Thinking Low

Consumers are demanding more nutrition in all areas of the grocery store, and those expectations have grown to encompass the baked goods aisle. With this in mind, Bimbo Bakeries U.S.A. has introduced a couple of bread lines with an enhanced nutritional positioning.

The first, launched in May, were Oroweat Seven Grain Sandwich Rolls, which took the seemingly ubiquitous “no trans fat” angle seen in introductions from all over the supermarket. The more recent Oroweat offering has a bit more of nutritional bite, however. Whole Grain & Flax Bread is claimed to be the first bread made with ingredients that may lower cholesterol. It includes a “naturally sourced cholesterol reducer” known as CoroWise, as well as whole grains (6.6g per serving). It also promises to be a good source of fiber, flaxseed and omega-3 and -6, not to mention vitamin D, folic acid and calcium.


Nestlé in Japan continues to innovate and expand its KitKat range. This time, it introduces KitKat Fruits Parfait, a limited edition featuring crunchy fruit chips and made with actual fruity ingredients such as strawberries, oranges, banana purée and fruit juice concentrates (e.g., blueberry, melon and satsuma). This is a lighter version that will be ideal for warmer months when regular chocolate seems too warm, and consumers look for a more refreshing treat that is not necessarily ice cream.

Probiotics and digestive health continue to grow in importance across the world, with more consumers being concerned about a good digestive system. As probiotic ingredients become more popular in a variety of categories, moving away from the dairy drinks sector, more interesting options are giving consumers a wider variety of choice for better digestive and intestinal health. In New Zealand, Easiyo has introduced Instant Ice Cream Mix with added acidophilus lactic cultures, for a tasty and healthy treat. The consumer needs only to add water to the powdered mix to make 1.5L of chocolate-flavored ice cream. The mix is also said to be free from gluten, artificial colors and flavors.

Normally, coffee-flavored yogurts contain simply coffee extracts, concentrates or syrups, not giving the “kick” of real coffee. In Germany, Schwälbchen Molkerei Jakob Berz has taken a different approach and formulated Schwälbchen Caffreddo Yogurt Espresso with real espresso from Arabica beans and a shot of fresh cream, appealing to coffee fans and for those looking for something a little bit more indulgent. The product is packaged in a plastic tub with a plastic spoon on top, making it a convenient snack to have on-the-go.

With the barbecue season approaching, consumers are looking for interesting seasonings to add more taste and refinement to their food. In Germany, retailer Plus has launched Rela Gourmet Butter in a range of interesting flavors, such as Cranberry and Honey, Mild Mustard Seed, Tomato and Parsley, and Black Olives. The variety of savory and sweet flavors also makes this range ideal to complement a large number of dishes, from the main course to dessert.