More Flavor, Less Sodium

Extraordinary research efforts work toward filling the consumer’s need for healthy, sodium-reduced products with great taste, resulting in solutions that can reduce sodium levels by 25% to 50%. International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) announces the successful testing of its customized flavor systems for reduced-sodium applications. The custom approach to sodium reduction includes both natural and natural and artificial flavor solutions, the utilization of proprietary flavor technology, and ingredients that enhance salty impression, suppress negative aspects of potassium salts, and rebalance the overall flavor system. International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.,

The New Generation of Chocolate

The key challenge for fat reduction in chocolate is to keep the sensory and physical characteristics of milk chocolate consumers expect. A special protein has been developed by GELITA experts to partly replace the cocoa butter in milk chocolate. Instant Gel Schoko® replaces cocoa butter up to 39%, resulting in 25% lower overall fat content. Saturated fat is reduced by 28%, cholesterol by 15% and calories by 8%, while protein content is increased by 75% and original properties such as color, crystallization or melting point and texture are kept very similar to standard fat content chocolates. For this outstanding innovation, GELITA was awarded the silver medal for “Most Innovative Food Ingredient” at the recent Food Ingredients South America trade show in São Paulo, Brazil. GELITA AG, Michael Teppner, +49-6271-84-2190,,

Tantalizing Tortillas

As tortilla consumption in the U.S. continues to grow rapidly, propelled by the steady increase in the U.S. Hispanic population as well as increased tortilla consumption by non-Hispanics, Cargill has developed a variety of creative concepts to both tantalize the taste buds and address consumer demand for health and nutrition. Tortilla prototypes that address manufacturers'' needs for functionality and flavor include a white spring whole wheat tortilla that integrates traditional taste, flavor and texture with whole-grain benefits, Mexican-inspired flavored tortillas in jalapeño, chorizo and chipotle flavors, and zero trans fat tortillas that do not sacrifice anti-sticking properties. Cargill, Lori Fligge, 952-742-2275,,

Popular Pomegranate

The popularity of pomegranate has increased dramatically in the past couple of years. This demand has led to a surge in pomegranate ingredients. Geni Herbs, a division of Verdure Sciences, recognized the potential for the pomegranate craze and developed a leading pomegranate extract sold under the registered trademark POMELLA®. The company’s patent-pending POMELLA extract has set the gold standard for pomegranate extracts, with substantial clinical backing. Verdure Sciences, Sonya Cropper,,

Zeaxanthin-rich Capsicum

A recent patent application describes a novel capsicum (paprika) variety and the classical plant breeding techniques that were used to produce it. These plants are the first known that are rich in zeaxanthin and a pigment content (as measured by ASTA value) that makes them a commercially attractive source of zeaxanthin, a carotenoid pigment which scientific evidence indicates is important in reducing the risk of cataract formation and age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the two most prevalent chronic eye diseases. Kalsec® Inc. markets this unique source of zeaxanthin under the ZeaGold™ brand. Kalsec Inc., Gary Hainrihar, 269-349-9711,,

Not All Soy Isoflavones are Created Equal

A new critical review, published in the September/October 2006 issue of the journalMenopause, concluded that not all soy isoflavones are equally effective in reducing menopausal hot flashes. Re-evaluation of the findings of studies focusing on the type of isoflavone extract used showed that higher genistein supplements were more effective. These studies consistently reported a statistically significant effect in reducing hot flashes. Novasoy® soy isoflavones contain a higher dose of the genistein forms as found in the whole soybean isoflavones, providing relief from the severity and frequency of hot flashes. ADM Natural Health & Nutrition, Liza Pepple, 217-451-3351,

Red Wine Makes High-fat Diet Easier to Swallow?

In a recent edition of the journal Nature, scientists at the National Institute on Aging say research on an intriguing red wine compound at the heart of several Stony Brook University studies opens a new window on a compound called resveratrol. The substance, found in great abundance in red wine, allowed obese mice fed a fatty, high-caloric diet to live long, active lives, the study said. The research suggests scientists finally may be on the trail of a long-sought substance straight from the Fountain of Youth, a compound with life-extending properties. Although most abundant in red wine, the compound is found to a lesser extent in berries and peanuts.

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