Zero/Low Trans Fat Oils

A new line of zero- and low-trans fat oils and shortenings has arrived. ADM’s NovaLipid™ line is one of the most complete available. The ingredients offer functionality, stability and nutritional benefits for applications including baked goods, snacks, confections and fried foods. ADM,, 800-637-5843, 

Life-long Health with Prebiotics

Prebiotics are slowly entering mainstream food consciousness, with consumers becoming more aware of their health benefits. BENEO™ inulin and oligofructose prebiotic fiber ingredients from ORAFTI assist in maintaining life-long health from infants to seniors. BENEO is a natural food ingredient from chicory that creates well-balanced food products, improving digestive health, natural defenses and contributing to a sense of well-being. Applications range from use in dairy to bakery products. ORAFTI, Joseph O’Neill, 610-889-9828,

Fast Track Trends

A second edition of an informative reference guide is now available. Univar USA introduced the new version of its food ingredient reference guide at the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo. Trends for the Fast Track contains the latest technology advancements within a variety of food and beverage ingredient categories. It reflects the current trends that the R&D community is looking to incorporate into new food and beverage products. Univar USA Inc., Karen Weber-Millstein, 425-889-3475,

Vanilla Goes Wild

Vanilla is no longer just a flavor of ice cream. David Michael  has explored alternative uses for vanilla in everything from tomato-based beverages to brown gravy. In savory items, vanilla can enhance natural sweetness, soften an acidic bite and add a signature flavor profile. Showcased at IFT, DM used 2X Vanilla Extract #7867, along with DM Choice Natural Chipotle Flavor and DM Choice Natural Onion & Garlic Flavor to create a delicious Bourbon Bar-B-Que Sauce served with Pork Meatballs. Vanilla’s uses continue to grow. David Michael & Co., Erin Kate O’Donnell, 215-632-3100, ext. 1425,,

Pathogen Protection

Protecting consumers against pathogenic micro-organisms like Salmonella is vitally important. An all-natural proprietary ingredient, Cegemett Fresh® from Cognis, kills bacteria by damaging their cell walls. It is designed to inhibit mold, prolong freshness and extend shelflife for a variety of food applications. This allows food processors the potential to eliminate chemical preservatives. Another product by Cognis is Spongolit® 560 Aerating Emulsifier, which helps to improve volume, crumb texture and shelflife. Cognis Nutrition & Health, Scott Backman, 708-579-6188,,

Texture without Fat

Healthy alternatives continue to be a focus for consumers. International Specialty Products has shown how its Text-ureze™ Systems can be applied to create health-ier foods while still exhibiting the quality of full-fat products. In bakery applications, Textureze systems improve bake stability, taste and appearance while extending shelflife. For imitation and processed cheese, it can reduce stickiness and increase firmness and hot viscosity. In meat, Textureze MT systems allow manufacturers to bind meat without the need for salt and phosphates. International Specialty Products, 888-472-5446,

Fool-proof Fiber Additions

Many Americans do not get the recommended amount of fiber everyday. To help, MGP Ingredients has introduced Fibersym® RW and FiberRite™ RW resistant starches. They are a convenient and rich source of dietary fiber that can be incorporated with minimal processing adjustments. Possessing a clean flavor, smooth texture and white appearance, these starches allow formulators to boost the fiber content of a diverse line of food products from pizza crust to salad dressings—without distorting taste or visual appeal. MGP Ingredients, 800-255-0302

Marvelous Melts

Consumers focus on convenience and simplicity. Armed with that knowledge, Sargento has created saucy Custom Melts™, a line of dairy/cheese-based sauces. Solid at refrigerated temperatures, they come in shreds, cubes, dices and slices. Custom Melts transform into flavorful sauces within a few moments of heating. In applications where products are stirred, the sauce coats evenly and has good cling properties. They offer intense flavor and a cleaner dispensability than ready-made sauces. Sargento Food Ingredients, Dick Williamson, 800-795-7090,

Sensible and Right

Better taste with healthier solutions is al-ways desired. DSM Food Specialties showcased its Sensarite™ at IFT. Sensarite reduces the amount of salt and fat needed and provides high-impact taste enhancement in bakery and dairy applications. It has a subtle but wide-ranging effect on the flavor of foods. In some, it boosts saltiness, while in others, it reduces bitterness. It also provides strong fat enhancement. Designed with these benefits in mind, the product responds well to today’s market needs for less fat and salt. DSM Food Specialties USA Inc., Reto Rieder, 951-461-1619,,

Crunchy Chocolate Indulgence

A variety of products were showcased at IFT, including chocolate-coated ice cream with an extra “krunch.” Cargill’s presentation featured Peter’s dark chocolate and Gerkens’ cocoa for an indulgent chocolate taste with Fiber Krunch™ crisp for a long-lasting, crunchy texture. Other featured products were whole-grain tortilla chips and dressing with full-salt taste, but less sodium. They featured Cargill’s new SaltWise™ sodium reduction system that delivers taste equality of salt at 25-50% less sodium. Cargill, Lori Fligge, 952-742-2275,,

Progressive Approach

Merging consumer insights with development technology is key to product success. Product Dynamics’ team of researchers and developers combine sensory and consumer research methodologies to guide technology applications—delivering innovative product solutions. The company will work with its customers on one aspect of its product development initiative or deliver the entire program—integrating the consumer early and often and using progressive methodologies. Product Dynamics, Judy Lindsey, 708-364-7060,

Extending Shelflife Naturally

Providing solutions to preserve the freshness of food, a food ingredients company has developed products that protect fish oil and omega-3 applications from oxidative degradation. Kemin Food Ingredients also has developed products that can be used in organic applications. FORTIUM® RPT40 liquid antioxidant can be used to delay oxidation in marine oils and has proven to be very effective at extending the shelflife of omega-3 applications. FORTIUM® MT50 IP liquid antioxidant can be used in organic applications, providing a natural solution for extending the shelflife of a variety of applications. Kemin Food Ingredients Inc., Jeff Sporrer, 515-559-5426,

Purely Tasty

Not only do consumers want healthy foods that taste great, they also want foods safe from foodborne pathogens. PURAC’s Smart Food Solutions help processors deliver products that are safe, nutritious and delicious. The line of PURAC® Fresh products enables processors to achieve maximum food safety and a neutral flavor profile with a label-friendly ingredient. One example at IFT was Tuscan Meatballs. It used PURASAL® Powder S sodium lactate powder blended in the seasoning for a superb taste, extended shelflife, increased food safety and enhanced flavor. PURAC America, Eva Dratwa, 847-634-6330,

Old World Meets New

The art of old world, wood-fired oven cooking was brought back at IFT. Kraft introduced Fire Roasted Flavor, which falls under Kraft’s Flavors of Cooking™ line. It is a versatile, well-balanced, natural flavor that delivers a fatty, savory-brown, smoked taste to any application including chicken, beef, dressings, vegetables, pizzas and appetizers. Available in powder form, the new flavor comes in Fire Roasted and Fire Roasted Potato, with a shelflife of 12 months when stored in a cool, dry place. Kraft Food Ingredients Corp., Todd Hrubes, 901-381-6533,

Packing Healthy

As consumers demand functional foods, a leading global packaging and process equipment company works with customers to create healthier, more convenient products for consumers. TetraPak®’s Healthy Kidz Immunity Boost, showcased at IFT, is a new healthy drink for kids aged two to seven. The milk-based nutritional beverage is a prebiotic drink, and antioxidant vitamins A, C and E were added to assist with the body’s natural defenses. Tetra Pak USA, Jeff Kellar, 847-955-6000,,

Lower Salt without Taste Loss

A new salt reduction product was introduced to the U.S. food industry at IFT. Jungbunzlauer’s sub4salt® claims to allow manufacturers to cut salt content by up to 50% without losses in taste. Sub4salt has three primary benefits: it can achieve similar sensory characteristics to salt; it has no metallic potassium chloride aftertaste; and its usage and handling are similar to those of salt. Jungbunzlauer said the patent-pending mineral salts blend has shown “superior” results in applications including bakery products, snack seasonings and meat products. Jungbunzlauer, 800-828-0062,,

Glittering Goodies

Silver and gold are not just for the holidays anymore. Edible Glitter from Watson Inc. is a quick and easy way to add shimmer to food items. The FDA has approved the use of mica-based pearlescent pigments for use as color additives in cereals, confections and frostings, gelatin desserts, hard and soft candies, nutritional supplement tablets and chewing gum. This product can be employed in pharmaceutical (use limit is 30%) and in food (use limit is 12.5%) applications. Watson Inc., 800-388-3481,,

Free CD with “Eggcellent” Technical Information

A new CD is filled with scientific-based technical information, complete with summaries of egg product research, nutritional information, reference data and much more. The CD, titled “American Egg Board Egg Product Information Resource,” is now available. The information details how incredible egg products help meet today’s formulation challenges, including gluten-free, trans fat-free and satiety, as well as eggs’ uses in boosting energy. Just some of the information includes a description of over 20 functions of eggs, their applications, equivalency conversion, chemical composition and nutritional value, as well as valuable information for the food formulator that explains how egg products work in product formulation. Quantities are limited. Visit order.

More Fruit, More Flavor

Today’s consumers want products with creamy texture, more spreadability and more fruit flavor. Created in the global trend of reducing sugar, Danisco’s GRINDSTED® Pectin SF EXTRA line makes low-sugar fruit spreads easy and flavorful. The GRINDSTED® Pectin SF EXTRA series delivers all these textural requirements, along with exceptional flavor enhancement—giving spreads a firm, yet spreadable texture while preserving fruit pieces. Because the pectin line has a lower viscosity, it has a faster flavor release. Danisco USA Inc., Ellen Trost, 800-255-6837

Enhancing Flavor Perception

Reducing salt and sugar is a priority for many health-focused consumers. Flavor Modulation Technology from Mastertaste gives food and beverage manufacturers options to create new and healthier alternatives to current product lines. The technology would allow them to reduce sodium in some products up to 50% by enhancing taste perception. Using these modulators to reduce salt, they improve the awareness of salinity with all-natural flavor systems. The modulators also improve the aftertaste of products containing diet, non-nutritive sweeteners. Mastertaste, Nancy Lawrence, 201-708-9264,

Celebrating America's Tastes

America’s many great regional tastes and cuisines were highlighted in a unique experience at IFT. Virginia Dare offered a variety of exciting taste experiences from diverse regions of the U.S. under the theme “Great Tastes of America.” Foods and beverages were offered for sampling, demonstrating regional tastes. Each was created using Virginia Dare flavors or extracts, including Original New York Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie, New England Maple Healthy Baked Snacks and Country Fair Cherry Lemonade. At the center of the exhibit was an ice cream bar serving Ice Cream Parlor Vanilla Ice Cream, along with flavored toppings representing regions from New England to Georgia. Virginia Dare, Paulette Kerner, 410-569-9766,,

New Citrus Brand

A new global brand combines a company’s unique citrus competence under one umbrella. NATURALLY CITRUS!®  is the innovative platform for flavors and fragrances manufacturer Symrise to bundle its one-of-a-kind expertise in the field of citrus flavorings. By launching this brand, Symrise combines its wide-ranging product palette of citrus flavorings, its innovative technologies and its investments in one of the most important citrus-growing countries in the world. Symrise's international citrus initiative is being launched via its Global Citrus Center, which is currently being built in Sorocaba, Brazil. Symrise,

Color-developing Ingredients

Having trouble browning gluten-free foods? Challenged to formulate an organic food normally colored by black cocoa—a difficult and expensive ingredient to source as organic? BriesSweet™ White Sorghum Syrup, produced from the starchy heads of the grain (not the cane) of the sorghum plant, and intense black-colored Organic Briess® Black Cocoa Replacer, an all-natural ingredient milled from 100% pure roasted barley that can be used as a 1:1 replacement for black cocoa, are specialty food ingredients to help formulators solve unique color development challenges. Both ingredients are all-natural and offer multiple benefits that can help food manufacturers achieve a variety of label claims. Briess Malt & Ingredients Company, Bernadette Wasdovitch, 920-849-7711,

Meeting Morning Needs

Showcasing their new concepts at IFT, one company is building great-tasting solutions around bringing balanced nutrition and health benefits to morning meals. The Solae Company enables companies to meet consumers’ needs with solutions addressing all seven consumer needs states. One breakfast vegetarian option is the Spicy Breakfast Wrap—a hearty, protein-packed breakfast for the family on the go. Featuring Mexican-spiced fajita strips made from quality vegetable protein, it provides a nutritious and affordable option with half the fat and cholesterol. The Solae Company,

Positive Pea Protein

The alternative protein market is growing at a rapid pace as consumers look for gluten-free, non-genetically modified, all-natural and vegetable-based protein sources. NUTRALYS® pea protein from Roquette meets nutritional needs and does not need to be labeled as an allergen. It is a concentrated protein source obtained from a water-only extraction process, containing 85% protein. NUTRALYS pea protein is also rich in both essential and non-essential amino acids. Roquette America, Chandani Perera,,

How Sweet It Is

Healthier beverages and foods are making their way into consumers' diets more often, with water consistently at the top of the list. The water distributed by Wixon at IFT was made with Mag-nifique™ Sweet Lift, which contains a proprietary blend of natural flavors that synergistically works with sugar to enhance sweetness perception, reducing sugar content by 50%. It can be used in any application containing sugar and does not break down or alter during cooking, freezing or when stored on the shelf. Wixon Inc., 414-769-3000,,

Naturally Enhanced Meat Flavor

Two new meat product enhancement products show promise. Natural Powdered Beef Fat, a new addition to the International Dehydrated Foods’ product line, will enhance beef seasoning, dry gravy mixes, marinades, dry soup mixes and injection solutions. Another product, Premium Chicken Broth, can be used in creamy soups, pot pies, gravies and marinades. It is processed to maximize mouthfeel and chicken flavor. Like all IDF products, both are naturally flavored and minimally processed. International Dehydrated Foods Inc., Mary Cathey, 417-881-7820,

A Natural Cure

The latest developments meeting the health and wellness trend include a full range of natural colors and flavors, a natural cure system for meat products, sweetness enhancers for reduced sugar systems, clean label and natural dairy flavors, including mouthfeel enhancers and probiotics. Chr. Hansen is up to the challenge. “We are really looking forward to introducing solutions that suit factors as wide as consumer tastes, shelflife requirements and production methods,” says Marilyn Stieve, director of marketing, dairy flavors, Chr. Hansen U.S. Chr. Hansen U.S., Marilyn Stieve, 800-558-0802,,

Staying Trim

In fighting against today’s growing epidemic of obesity, there is no magic pill. However, Z Trim, from Z Trim Holdings, is a food ingredient proven to help control caloric intake. It replaces up to 50% of the fat in everything from baked goods to dairy products, meats to snack foods. It is an all-natural, zero calorie fat substitute made from natural grains that does not change the taste, texture or appearance of the food in which it is used. Z Trim is USDA-developed and causes no negative side effects. Z Trims Holdings Inc., Phil Versten, 847-549-6002,

Allergies at Bay

A Spanish study recently published in Pediatric Allergy and Immunology has concluded that children who eat a diet high in fish and “fruity vegetables,” such as tomatoes and aubergines, suffer less from asthma and allergies than those who do not.

A group of 232 boys and 228 girls was studied from the womb until the age of six and a half years old. Those who ate more than 60g of fish and 40g of vegetables daily suffered significantly less from wheezing and allergic reactions than those who did not. The scientists theorize that the children experienced more relief because the fish and fruity vegetables reduced the inflammation associated both with asthma and allergies

Danisco's 2007 Knowledge Award Winners

A stuffed, breaded beef entrée called Fiesta Braciole was the winning entry in the 4th annual Danisco USA’s 2007 Knowledge Awards. Jeremy Hinkle, a senior at Kansas State University, created the dish, which took the top prize in a competition that was established to recognize and foster innovation among food science students at universities throughout the U.S. It gives students the opportunity to use their academic knowledge and practical skills in a real-world situation.

Beginning in May, a panel of independent food industry judges evaluates the top finalists based on the criteria of taste, marketability and novelty. The winning Fiesta Braciole is a convenient, pre-prepared entrée that can easily be thawed and baked. The breading on the product has a delightful mouthfeel and is visually pleasing, topped with white cheese sauce. The ground beef contains GRINDSTED® Meatbinder 2-540 for improved texture and GUARDIAN™ Rosemary Extract 09 for flavor protection and improved storage stability.

A team from the University of Idaho took second place with Spoon-Its, a product that combines citrus guava yogurt with a cranberry-granola, spoon-shaped cookie. Adam Tegeler and his team used eight Danisco products in the final formulation, including Benefat®B and Litesse® polydextrose for reduced fat and calories. Third place was awarded to a team from California Polytechnic State University, where leader Paula Durongwong developed Lets Dip, a new gourmet artichoke cheese dip with unique, flavored crackers that used Panodan® 150K for emulsification and minimized oiling-off in baking.

The winners will be presented their awards at Prepared Foods’ 25th Annual  New Products Conference, which will be held October 14-17, 2007, at Naples Grande Resort in Naples, Fla.

—Barbara T. Nessinger, Associate Editor

Link Between Toddler Obesity and Iron Deficiency

Researchers who analyzed data from almost 1,000 U.S. toddlers tested for iron deficiency found that 20% of the obese children suffered from a deficiency, compared with 7% of toddlers of normal weight. A lack of iron can cause mental and behavioral delays, reduce the amount of oxygen carried throughout the body and also result in anemia.

It is theorized that the obese toddlers became iron-deficient because they drank too much juice and cow’s milk from a bottle, instead of being weaned and eating foods rich in iron (such as meat, eggs, fortified breads, etc.).

Alarmingly, some 12% of Hispanic toddlers were iron deficient, as compared with 6% of white children and 6% of black children. One hypothesis suggested that Hispanic children were least likely to be in day care, where care providers seem to be more aware of proper nutritional practices.

The study was published in the September 2007 issue of Pediatrics and was based on data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination survey (1999-2002), conducted by a branch of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.