Aleading supplier of nature-based functional and nutritional ingredient solutions for the global food and beverage industries has a strong focus on innovation in wholesome, natural and nutritious products. This continues with the introduction of a new whole-grain corn flour loaded with nutritional benefits.

Hi-maize® Whole Grain Corn Flour is a new natural, functional whole-grain flour that delivers the highest dietary fiber content of any whole grain on the market. It provides high antioxidant, vitamin A and folic acid levels and is made from specialty hybrid high-amylose corn.

The fiber content of 33% per 100g is nearly three times that delivered by whole-grain wheat flour or whole-grain oats, and Hi-maize contains antioxidant levels comparable to that of blueberries. It also has triple the vitamin A and one and a half times the folic acid of traditional whole-grain sources, while containing fewer calories.

Functionally, the flour provides the same benefits as traditional whole-grain corn flour for baked goods, cereals and snacks. It adds crunch and long bowl-life to cereals and enhances the texture of hard rolls and artesan breads. Its high fiber and good eating qualities are excellent for whole-grain cookies and provide light texture to whole-grain cakes.

According to David Huang, senior marketing development manager for National’s Nutritional Flours, “Hi-maize Whole Grain makes it easier to formulate high fiber and whole grains into most low-moisture foods. We have a unique dry milling process that extends the shelflife of the product to nearly twice that found in a typical whole grain.”

Food manufacturers can incorporate a range of label claims when using this product, including: 100% whole-grain, good or excellent source of fiber, high levels of antioxidants and vitamin A and folic acid, and lower calorie statements.

In addition to the benefits of all whole grains, Hi-maize is an important source of phenolic compounds—corn has the highest phenolic acid content of common whole grains. Hi-maize Whole Grain Flour is part of National Starch’s growing product line of Hi-maize products. Hi-maize Corn Flour 150 and Hi-maize Corn Meal 150 were introduced last year.

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N-hanced Poultry Products

Now there is a functional native starch that delivers moisture retention and excellent mouthfeel to poultry products naturally. N-Hance™59 eliminates the need for modified starches, sodium phosphate and carrageenan additives. This product from National Starch offers poultry producers who serve the growing wholesome/natural foods market a new option for preparing tumbled, injected, marinated, coated, par-cooked, frozen and other packaged poultry products with clean labels. This product is good news for poultry producers who seek a high-quality product that is free of sodium phosphates and modified starches.

N-Hance59 lends flavor, good cuttability and improved yields to a wide range of poultry items. Moreover, it is an all-natural, potato-based starch that has many multi-functional roles. It is both a highly functional moisture retainer and clean label alternative to sodium phosphate and modified starches. Additionally, tests have shown that N-Hance does well in retaining meat juiciness, increasing yield weight and improving visual and textural appeal.

Moreover, the product retains moisture in vacuum packaged meats, which means higher yields. Because it is potato-based, it is inherently bland and allows the flavor of meats and marinades to come through with good mouthfeel. The starch has low gelatinization temperatures and is relatively stable at low cooking temperatures, as well. Plus, it has neutral pH and low shear and stress conditions.