February 26/Toronto/Canadian Corporate Newswire -- Cott Corporation, in response to recent reports of reallocation of shelf space by Wal-Mart, confirmed it has received notice of a reduction in shelf space and merchandising support for Wal-Mart's private label carbonated soft drinks in the U.S., including Sam's Choice, which would be significant to Cott's business plans.

However, the 2008 programs have not yet been finalized, and Cott is still actively negotiating with Wal-Mart appropriate space allocation and other merchandising programs associated with Sam's Choice brands. Wal-Mart is Cott's biggest customer, and Cott is fully committed to deploying the necessary efforts to maintain a mutually satisfactory relationship for the long term. Cott further confirmed that Wal-Mart's notice did not indicate any potential shelf space reduction for Sam's Choice water.

Conversations between Cott and Wal-Mart are on-going, and the final outcome of the 2008 merchandising, shelf allocation and other support programs for Sam's Choice carbonated soft drinks at Wal-Mart has yet to be determined. Regardless of the outcome, Cott noted it will work hard to continue to diversify its customer base and to offset the potential impact on its profitability.

From the March 3, 2008, Prepared Foods e-Flash