Despite the past low-carb craze, there remain few things that are as satisfying to the senses as freshly baked bread. According to a new report by, the publishing division of Packaged Facts, called “Indulgence: Culinary Trend Mapping Report from Packaged Facts and the Center for Culinary Development (CCD)” (December 2007), indulgence used to mean fattening; today “it provides important emotional benefits that translate into profits--über comfort, the thrill of trying something exquisite, and expression of sophistication and a sincere appreciation for handcrafted quality.” This translates into good news for artisanal bread.

Puratos is making the ancient art of bread baking more accessible to all by providing traditional levains in a ready-to-use sourdough. According to Kathryn Power, assistant trade marketing manager for Puratos Corporation, “Working with a live sourdough culture is an all-year job. The baker can’t take one day off, or the sourdough culture dies. Our product brings the same result without all the time, and the product line allows for greater variety in the bakery.” 

Puratos produces its Sapore, origin-based, sourdough product line with specialized biofermentation technology that enables the company to offer all-natural sourdoughs from all over the world. The range consists of liquid and powder, all-natural, biofermented flavors that are designed to put the flavor back in the bread--without taking time for the dough to ferment or requiring additional skilled labor. The Sapore products are made for applications including French breads, baguettes, multi-grain breads, whole-grain breads, rye breads, San Francisco-style sourdough breads, pan breads, buns, Italian breads, ciabatta, filone, and crackers and snacks.

The main features of the Sapore product line span from all-natural, clean label, convenient and easy-to-use to providing unique taste delivery for all applications. Additionally, Puratos provides full technical support on how to best use the Sapore line in their clients’ applications.

Sapore products also have some healthy applications. Several liquid sourdoughs are great for reducing butter in croissants or making multi-grain breads. For example, the Fidelio LW 90 achieves an up to 25% reduction in butter or margarine, while Aida LR 105 is a mildly acidic, Alaskan sourdough with a fruity and yeasty taste. Puratos recommends it for whole-grain and multi-grain bakery items. The product line also has several powder sourdoughs that are great for reducing salt or creating organic bakery items. For example, Nabucco PW is a solution for reducing up to 25% of salt, without compromising taste. Traviata Bio PR 70 is a typical, French sourdough with a subtle note of rye, nuts and raisins that is also Ecocert Certified Organic. Among the yeast extracts in the Sapore product line, Celyrom SD CH Ex is yeast that has been hydrolyzed under specific conditions of temperature and pH to provide an all-natural, cheese flavor.   

As James Beard says, “Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods, and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.”

--Kerry Hughes, Contributing Editor

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