As the use of anti-aging and skin nourishment agents grows in food and beverage products, consumers need not rely solely on traditional cosmetic and personal care categories for skin-based needs. C'Watre, a premium skin care manufacturer, has teamed with Tea Guys LLC to add a new portfolio of tea products called C'tea to its existing face washes and serums.

C'tea distinguishes itself from other teas as a premium beverage that reinforces the skin's cells to support a healthy foundation, while protecting against skin damage. The tea is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins derived from numerous ingredients such as green and white tea, lemon myrtle, ancient sea salt and goji. C'tea can be purchased in three different package varieties, each addressing a specific concern, such as tea in loose form (for therapeutic benefits), individual sachets (to escalate sleep) or cold-brew sachets (for absolute concentration). Although pricey--the products range from $9.95-15.95--consumers may be willing to splurge on a beauty product that provides “healthy skin from within.”