Brand Stand, a Switzerland-based manufacturer of chocolate, creates its sweet confections with complete consideration for the environment. The firm’s latest initiative to protect Earth’s natural resources stems from its Swiss Organic Dark Chocolate under the Organic Meltdown brand. For every Organic Meltdown chocolate bar sold, Brand Stand saves one tropical forest tree from being destroyed. This conscious use of sustainability in a product offering certainly leverages the charitable claim to a more actionable approach. In the manufacturing process of Organic Meltdown, each chocolate bar is assigned a number that pinpoints to a particular endangered tree. Organic Meltdown chocolate bars are fair trade-certified and rich in antioxidants.   

Many of Japan’s mint confections are known for innovative, futuristic designs. This notion was reinforced this past winter when Koikeya added Magical!? Lemon & Orange Mints to its Pinky brand’s portfolio. Change is the primary theme of this mint brand: The product consists of two flavors of mints that, when combined, create a new, third flavor. For example, upon combining the lemon and orange mints, the two uniquely mix for a surprising Cola flavor. In addition to the Lemon & Orange Mints, there is also a Strawberry & Banana flavor variety that pairs for a Melon taste. Even more, when the consumer mixes the Lemon & Orange Mints with the Strawberry & Banana Mints, 10 more new flavors are created.

In Austria, Leitner launched Rey Black Elderberry Functional Drink. Research studies suggest this fruit may contribute to immunity and cardiovascular health, courtesy of its natural sourcing of flavonoid metabolites. The beverage is a carbonated soft drink that contains polyphenols, magnesium, zinc, a proprietary vitamin B-complex, and vitamins E and C. Along with its immunity- and cardiovascular-boosting benefits, the drink hosts a multitude of other functionalities, such as improving concentration, providing balanced energy, reducing stress and aiding in endurance. This functional drink stands out from competitors in the crowded carbonated soft drink segment, by making health-enhancing claims derived from its elderberry content.

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