As digestive health has become a mainstream health concern, fiber has received more attention and gained an increasingly prominent healthy halo. Planters Nuts has recently leveraged that association between fiber and digestive health with the introduction of Planters Digestive Health Mix, part of the NUT-rition line.

Nuts contain natural fiber, but for consumers seeking that extra boost, Planters has added dried fruit and granola to this variety to increase the fiber content. This product may be more appealing to consumers who are less familiar with probiotics and more comfortable with products rich in natural fiber for digestive well-being. In addition, the shelf-stable storage of the product makes it an especially good fit with fiber, whose benefits are not reliant on associations with freshness and refrigeration, as probiotics are. This expansion of digestive health benefits to nuts is unique for the snack and takes advantage of the "naturally rich in" trend that is important to today's consumers.