In the beverage category, the rise in energy drink introductions is noteworthy. As brands fight to gain entry into the marketplace, the ability to differentiate themselves is vital. Not traditionally an energy drink manufacturer, Ocean Spray recently tapped into the beverage sub-group with its Cranergy juice introduction. Several energy drinks with all-natural and/or vitamin-rich ingredients exist; however, Cranergy claims to provide consumers with energy naturally. To deliver energy upon consumption, Ocean Spray enhanced its famous cranberry juice with green tea extracts and vitamin B.

Cranergy separates itself from other energy drinks by stating that, on average, one serving contains 50% fewer calories and less sugar. This juice is sweetened with sucralose and comes in Cranberry Lift and Raspberry Cranberry Lift flavors. Unlike most energy drink beverages, Ocean Spray is highly recognized for its established brand name. Also, while still entering a new segment, the company has stuck with its core product offering — cranberry juice. Cranergy is found with other juices, while most energy drinks are in the soda aisle or in coolers near the checkout line.