July 9/Westlake Village, Calif./Business Wire -- Dole Food Company Inc. has closed three asset sale transactions within the past three weeks that have generated approximately $100 million in cash to Dole and that were part of Dole's previously announced asset sale program. The proceeds have been used to pay down Dole's term bank debt ($34 million) and revolving bank debt ($66 million). These sales bring Dole's total asset sales for 2008 to date to approximately $135 million.

The most recent asset sales included approximately 2,000 of Dole's 28,000 acres on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, the Miami headquarters building of Dole's Fresh Flowers division, and approximately 4,300 acres of California orchards that had been owned by entities in which Dole had a combined stake of approximately 65%.

"Dole is pleased to have completed the three all-cash asset sales at favorable prices. We anticipate that we will complete additional significant asset sales in 2008, the proceeds of which will also be used to pay down debt," said David A. DeLorenzo, president and CEO of Dole.

From the July 21, 2008, Prepared Foods e-Flash