July 28/Newark, DE -– Corn Products Specialty Ingredients, a part of Corn Products U.S., has added a line of erythritol and erythritol-containing sweetening systems to its polyols product portfolio. ERYSTA brand erythritol can be used alone or in combination with other polyols and/or sweeteners to meet a variety of low-calorie, low-sugar and sugar-free product development needs.

Like other polyols, erythritol is used to reduce or replace traditional sweeteners in low-sugar food and beverage applications. The white, crystalline, odorless powder is approximately 70% as sweet as sucrose with a clean, sweet taste similar to sucrose. At 0.2 calories per gram, erythritol has approximately 7-13% the calories of other polyols and 5% the calories of sucrose.  

When used in combination with other polyols and/or sweeteners, ERYSTA brand erythritol can help further reduce calories as well as minimize laxation concerns associated with some less rapidly absorbed polyols. Using proprietary integration technology designed to maximize performance and versatility of polyols in formulation, the technical team at Corn Products Specialty Ingredients can customize an ERYSTA performance system to meet virtually any low-sugar application need.

From the August 4, 2008, Prepared Foods e-Flash