In April 2005, Kraft Foods launched a line of products dedicated to the followers of the South Beach Diet. Now, in 2008, the same range has been rebranded with the name South Beach Living, positioning the program not as a diet with negative connotations, but as a positive way of living. The range bears the tagline “Changing the Way America Eats,” an interesting positioning especially relevant as many consumers move away from specific “diets” and look instead to change their lifestyles and embrace balance and moderation.

South Beach Living foods are based on the eating principles of the South Beach Diet--lean protein, fiber, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and “good” fats, including olive and canola oil. The line includes the previously existing frozen entrées and snack bars, as well as newer, single-serve drink mix options. Completely new to the line is the South Beach single-serve cookie line.