Many consumers have turned to elaborate filtration systems, reusable water containers or tap water to diminish plastic waste, and companies have aided these efforts by creating programs to further promote the reduction of bottled water consumption.

One of the more interesting examples of such an initiative is the recent introduction of the Kool-Aid Singles reusable water bottle kit. Kool-Aid Singles drink mixes are targeted to children and often consumed on-the-go, since they can easily be added to bottled water for a portable, refreshing treat. To motivate children to consume the product in a sustainable way, Kool-Aid partnered with water filtration company Brita and reusable bottle manufacturer Nalgene to create this unique product. Specially designed for Kool-Aid, the bottle is smaller than Nalgene’s standard size, to be child-friendly, and boasts an ergonomic lid for easy use by smaller hands.