On the Street - Goodbye to Old Salt

A new salt technology  helps drive consumer preferences in low-sodium food products is now available. Givaudan has pioneered this proprietary portfolio of ingredients for flavor creation, and the company claims it will help food manufacturers address the issue of high salt levels in processed foods. As part of its TasteSolutions program, Givaudan has developed an extensive portfolio of building blocks and ingredients to help product fomulators enhance salt perception in low-sodium applications. “Givaudan understands that high levels of salt in foods are no longer acceptable to the consumer, but we also know that great-tasting food does not have to be high in salt,” says Andreas Haenni, Givaudan’s global head of savoury. Givaudan continues to invest in sensory validation techniques to prove and measure flavor performance and is developing a salt curve: a visual representation of the taste effects of sodium chloride over time. The taste impact of salt is broken down into a number of phases: first, delivering a distinctive initial mineral “bite,” then a “body” or “mouthfeel” phase, followed by a characteristic clean, lingering profile.

Rather than trying to replace salt, Givaudan looks first to understand its taste functionality in the customer’s application. Then, a flavor is created which builds back those important taste aspects of the salt curve needed to drive consumer preference when sodium levels are reduced. Givaudan tailors solutions to meet regulatory and cost constraints, including natural flavors, which can also be allergen- and MSG-free or kosher and halal, if required. Givaudan SA, +41 22 780 9111, www.givaudan.com

From the February 16, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition