On the Street - Soothing Shuffle

During these tough times, consumers are sure to find products that help them relax and unwind. These new flavor blends deliver refreshment and are the perfect solution to revitalize a product. GSB Flavor Creators has introduced a new set of shuffled, soothing flavor blends. The flavors can be used in alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, confections, baked goods, savory creations and more. They include Cucumber Mint-—the perfect combination for ultimate relaxation; Calming Chamomile Lemon—a refreshing twist of lemon adds character to this subtle, floral chamomile flavor; and Lingering Lavender Berry—luscious lingonberry and sensuous lavender fused together. These shuffled flavors are part of a new, company-wide flavor campaign, which aims to combine the most unusual, yet complementary, tastes to create new, exotic and perfectly paired flavors. The company specializes in custom flavor creation, using the highest quality products. Its flavor development team works to custom create flavor systems designed to transform base formulations into unique products. GSB Flavor Creators, 770-424-1886, www.Gsbflavorcreators.com

From the March 16, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition