On the Street - Land O'Lakes Eliminates Trans Fat From Cheese Powders

To meet today's growing need for foods with no trans fats, Land O'Lakes Ingredient Solutions has reformulated its well-known Cheddease(r) Cheese Powders to eliminate partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs). In trans fat-free Cheddease products, high-oleic canola oil is used to replace PHOs, due to its clean taste and mouthfeel, which are compatible with the organoleptic qualities of dairy ingredients. High oleic canola oil also provides excellent shelf-stability and is perceived as a healthy oil by consumers. In addition to Cheddease, Land O'Lakes Ingredient Solutions also offers trans fat-free varietal dried cheeses such as Parmesan and Romano, dairy powders, such as butter and sour cream, and seasoning blends. Land O'Lakes Ingredient Solutions, www.landolakesingredientsolutions.com