Athletes often demand food and beverage products that enhance their physical capabilities or aid in post-exercise recovery. Clif Bar is a prime example of a firm that develops its products to deliver unique marketing claims.

Clif Shot Recovery, in hot chocolate flavor, is a protein-enhanced drink that specially positions itself to athletes who perform in cold weather conditions. Shot Recovery is available in a powder-based form that, when mixed with 8oz of hot water or milk, will rehydrate and replenish the drinker’s muscles with carbohydrates. The drink notes its formulation contains 87% organic ingredients and protein sourced from cows not treated with rBGH (an artificial growth hormone). Clif Bar instructs that the shot be consumed after an intense training session or race. In addition to the hot chocolate variety, the recovery shot is available in another flavor that typically comes to mind for consuming during the colder winter months--hot apple cider.