Worldwide, shot beverages have gained popularity, mostly due to their convenient grab-and-go appeal and their ability to quickly deliver on product claims. A fair portion of shots embracing functionality have launched, causing the category to further expand its offerings. Such functional shots include multivitamin and detoxifying drinks, as well as others that allow users to easily obtain their daily recommended fruit and vegetable servings. One example of an innovative functional shot is Sap An General Foods’ Sappé Smarti Shot, launched in Thailand and formulated with a combination of vitamins and minerals meant to stimulate brain activity. This manufacturer included well-known, memory-boosting agents, such asginkgo, omega and DHA, in the shot’s ingredient list. In addition to these three memory-boosting nutrients, the Sappé Smarti Shot also contains a blend of vitamins A, C, E, B and B6 for added nutrition. The product is free of preservatives and retails in a 50ml glass bottle.

The U.K.’s Organix Brands company observes a “No Junk Promise” in the manufacturing of its products under three oaths: Safety, Purity and Nutrition. Under the Safety Promise, Organix Brands’ offerings are free of added sugar, artificial colorings, MSG or added flavorings, and hydrogenated fat. The Purity Promise claims all ingredients are organically grown, and the Nutrition Promise primarily holds that products are naturally rich in nutrients. While numerous brands have launched with such “free from” and “low in” stances, this firm stands out for directly stating the claim on-pack. Organix Brands’ No Junk line of snack food intended for older children is comprised of the following varieties: Organic Gingerbread Gang Biscuits, Organic Orange Cookie Bites and Organic Cocoa Bites. The Organic Cocoa Bites are made with whole-grain wheat flour, oats, currants and cocoa. As seen with the other two offerings, Organic Cocoa Bites retail in a carton box containing five mini-bags.