On the Street -- WILD Flavors Develops  Naturally Derived, Acid-stable Blue Color

One of the largest privately owned manufacturers of natural and health-enhancing ingredients, flavors, colors and innovative product concepts to the food and beverage industry has developed an acid-stable, naturally derived blue color additive for use in food and beverage applications. This revolutionary product complements WILD’s full line of Colors from Nature® with a brilliant blue color. WILD continues to research and develop technologies and innovations that benefit the manufacturers of consumer packaged goods. Long considered a “Holy Grail” of the color industry, there has been consistent demand for an acid-stable blue color additive. According to the company, WILD will be the first in the U.S. to provide a naturally derived blue color additive that is fully suitable across most food and beverage applications. WILD’s development involves natural ingredients for a blue color additive that is acid-stable, with a pH range of 2.5-8.0. The current FDA-compliant blue color additives offered within the industry are only stable when applied in neutral pH products (pH 5.5-7.0), according to WILD.

WILD’s blue color additive is manufactured completely  from  fresh fruit and  is exempt from certification under Section 21 CFR 73.250. It is liquid; heat-, light- and acid-stable; kosher; water-soluble; GMO-free; easy to use and blend; and has a clean taste and smell. WILD Flavors Inc., 859-342-3526, www.wildflavors.com

From the May 11, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition