On the Street -- WILD Targets Stevia Extracts

Erlanger, Ky./PRNewswire -- WILD Flavors Inc. has increased its portfolio of taste modification technologies with systems and solutions that address mouth-feel, masking, sweet enhancement, and blocking of bitterness that improve the taste profile of foods and beverages containing stevia extracts. By rounding out the flavor profiles and masking the stevia taste profile issues, these ingredients and blends improve the finished product while enhancing stevia's sweetening properties.

With basic ingredient research, intense application development, and the utilization ofsensory experts, individuals sensitive to the Rebaudioside A (Reb-A) off-notes of bitterness and astringency, WILD is able to offer not only the OnlySweet(TM) Stevia extracts, but also OnlySweet(TM) Stevia blends with Taste Modification Technologies. WILD's proprietary Taste Modification Technologies will also address stevia taste profile issues in competitive stevia products.

"Our customers have expressed great interest in Stevia-based sweetening solutions. WILD Flavors' taste modification technologies with our flavor and application development expertise enables us to create natural sweetening systems and blends that meet our customers' expected needs for all-natural, sweetened products and still continue to exemplify great taste," stated chief operating officer, Kevin Gavin.

Consumer trends continue to push for all-natural product claims, and with the recent FDA "no objection" letters, stevia extracts can now move from strictly dietary supplements to mainstream sweetening solutions, offering an all-natural alternative to the current line-up of high-intensity sweeteners.

From the May 11, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition