On the Street -- Dean Names CIO

May 27/Food Weekly News -- Dean Foods Company announced the appointment of Barbara Carlini to the position of senior vice president and chief information officer (CIO), reporting to Greg McKelvey, executive vice president and chief strategy and transformation officer. Carlini has a proven successful track record in Information Technology (IT) and will be the driving force behind the critical transformation efforts for the $12 billion organization.

Carlini most recently served as the corporate vice president of the Mobile Devices Division at Motorola. Prior to Motorola, she was chief information officer of Diageo Americas, responsible for leveraging technology as a key driver of organic growth for the company. Prior to Diageo, Carlini served as senior IT director at Nabisco. She has experience in both the Direct-Store-Delivery and warehouse business models and has run multiple company-wide system integration efforts.

"Barbara brings to Dean Foods a wide range of IT experiences that are critical for us in addressing how we most effectively leverage technology for improved transparency, enhanced productivity and end-to-end solutions," said McKelvey. "Barbara is an outstanding project leader, governance advocate and driver, team builder and motivator."

From the June 8, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition