Products that target specified consumer groups have seen notable growth in the number of U.S. energy drink launches. Bodywell Nutrition’s E2 Voltage is an energy drink intended for those training in high-altitude conditions. Bodywell Nutrition states on its company website that E2 Voltage is “performance and energy that is scientifically formulated to take your workout and lifestyle to the next level.” Packaged in a black 8oz plastic bottle, E2 Voltage’s look could be compared to that of a standard single battery. E2 Voltage asserts that its formula delivers immediate, long-lasting energy, and, unlike other energy drinks, it will not produce an unwanted crashing or jittery side effect. Most important to this energy drink’s formulation are its high antioxidant levels. The beverage claims to reduce mental and physical fatigue, increase dopamine or “feel good” hormones, and improve concentration levels.

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