POM Wonderful, known for its pomegranate juice and tea drinks, branched out of its comfort zone with its launch of a unique iced coffee drink. Marketed under the brand name POMx, this beverage is available in Café au Lait, Chocolate, Caramel and Chai Tea flavors, and contains a potent dose of caffeine and healthy antioxidants. POMx positions as a sophisticated offering for consumers who seek an energy boost, but want to avoid excess sugar and artificial ingredients commonly associated with carbonated sodas, coffee beverages and energy drinks. POMx’s Café au Lait variant is brewed with Rainforest Alliance Certified Arabica beans that blend with fat-free milk and chocolate to deliver a rich taste. Equally impressive is the iced coffee’s ingredient list, which includes organic cane sugar, natural caffeine and flavorings, and POM Wonderful’s patent-pending Antioxidant Extract.

Mintel GNPD