Inulin in Meatballs

November 4/Food Business Week -- According to recent research published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology - Mysore, "Effect of veal meatballs produced with 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20% of inulin on their fatty acid composition, trans fatty acids, total fat, instrumental colour, texture, weight losses and sensory properties was studied. Meatballs containing inulin had lower concentrations of total fat and total trans fatty acids than the control samples."

"Meatballs with 20% inulin had highest ash and protein contents, L, b values and lowest moisture, salt, weight losses and a values. Sensory scores of 10, 15 and 20% inulin added meatballs were less acceptable due to hardness, low juiciness, and low flavor intensity. Based on flavour intensity, the most acceptable meatballs were with 5% inulin addition," wrote I. Yilmaz and colleagues.

The researchers concluded, "Because of the positive effects on nutrition, 5% inulin into ground meat can be added for the preparation of meatball."

Yilmaz and colleagues published their study in the Journal of Food Science and Technology - Mysore ("Effect of Inulin Addition on Physico-chemical and Sensory Characteristics of Meatballs." Journal of Food Science and Technology - Mysore, 2009;46(5):473-476).

For additional information, contact I. Yilmaz, Namyk Kemal University, Faculty Agriculture, Dept. of Food Engineering, TR-59030 Tekirdag, Turkey.

From the November 9, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition