Another popular trend in the health arena is Superfruits. Although products that emphasize the use of Superfruits are well-established in the market, Crofter’s Foods has found a gap in the organic sweet spreads field. Its recently launched Organic Superfruit Spread taps into three strong trends: Superfruits, provenance and natural. The brand not only uses 10 different Superfruits in the four flavors of spread, but also features fair trade sugar and is marketed as antioxidant-rich. Crofter’s Foods extends deeper into the provenance trend by creating four regional blends: North America Blend is made with wild blueberries, cranberries and Morello cherries; South America Blend is made with maqui berry and passionfruit; European Blend is made with pomegranate and blackcurrant; and Asian Blend is made with yumberry and raspberry.

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