On the Street -- Ganeden Partners with National Farmers Organization

October 22/Medical Patent Business Week -- Ganeden Biotech Inc. announced a new partnership agreement with the National Farmers Organization (NFO), a group marketing and price negotiation organization for the nation's farmers, ranchers and dairymen. Through the partnership, the two organizations plan to work together in creating awareness of the health benefits of probiotics and increase the availability of probiotic-enhanced milk.

The partnership will enable both the NFO and Ganeden Biotech to educate processors on the health benefits of probiotic-enhanced milk and enter into agreements with processors in this new category.

The partnership gives the NFO access to the premier probiotic GanedenBC30, offering processors the opportunity to provide probiotic-enhanced milk products to consumers. Ganeden Biotech will serve as the organization's sole probiotic provider. The partnership will allow NFO dairy producers an opportunity to earn increased revenue through the production and sale of probiotic-enhanced milk, a new market segment in the milk category for NFO members.

By offering GanedenBC30 to the dairy producer owners of the NFO, farmers hope to increase their milk demand by producing both regular and probiotic-enhanced milk. The probiotic-enhanced milk, containing GanedenBC30, tastes, smells and is handled exactly like the milk consumers drink everyday. Now consumers will be able to receive all of the benefits of probiotics without adding any new products to their daily eating routine.

"We are thrilled to be able to provide the health benefits of probiotic-enhanced milk to consumers, while also providing another stream of revenue for our nation's family dairy farmers," said Bradley Rach, NFO national dairy director. "The quality of Ganeden Biotech's probiotic strain, GanedenBC30, coupled with the caliber of the company's scientific operations made it the ideal partner for our organization."

"Partnering with the National Farmers Organization will allow us to provide more consumers with access to probiotic-enhanced milk products, while simultaneously supporting family farmers," said Ganeden Biotech CEO Andrew Lefkowitz. "We are proud to partner with the NFO in this endeavor and help support our country's farms."

From the October 26, 2009, Prepared Foods E-dition