Let Them Eat Cake
When making trans fat-free, cake-type systems, it is possible to leave the hassle and mess of plastic shortenings and hydrated emulsifiers behind and move to dry powder convenience—without sacrificing functionality. Encap® 850, from Diehl Food Ingredients®, is a blend of select emulsifiers co-processed into a specialty spray-dried system that locks in functionality. This allows the replacement of shortening with standard vegetable oil, without having to use messy hydrates, yet still achieve a trans fat-free cake with excellent aeration and structure, along with improved moistness and eating quality, says the company. Diehl Food Ingredients, 800-957-3130, www.sensoryeffects.com

Safer Salty Fries
One company says its mineral salt can be used to reduce acrylamide content in heat-treated food products up to 80%, without negatively affecting taste. CITROMA®, from Jungbunzlauer, is an innovative, patent-pending application recommended to improve the safety and quality of French fries, snacks and breakfast cereals during food processing. It is a U.S. GRAS- and E.U.-approved sodium citrate, a common acidity regulator. CITROMA comes in the form of a white, odorless and non-hygroscopic powder. It has been optimized for acrylamide reduction, providing a pleasant, slightly acidic taste profile, quick dissolution properties, good solubility and high heat stability. Jungbunzlauer, +41-61-2955-100, www.jungbunzlauer.com  

Pure and Wholesome Dressings
One company is said to have created a buzz at the recent Association of Dressings and Sauces conference, held in Dallas. CP Kelco’s GENU®BETA pectin is an alternative to propylene glycol alginates (PGA) in dressings. Now, salad dressing manufacturers can take advantage of the label-friendliness of pectin, without sacrificing stability and quality or impacting flavor. With label-conscious consumers demanding pure, wholesome ingredients in their food, pectin is the perfect choice. GENU BETA pectin is a polysaccharide derived from naturally occurring structural components in sugar beets and can be used in dressings with a natural or organic positioning. CP Kelco, 630-355-2874, www.cpkelco.com

Ocean’s Bounty
Create quality food products that deliver the benefits of EPA and DHA to consumers. Now, they can enjoy the goodness of fish, without the taste or smell of it. Ocean Nutrition’s MEG-3 brand EPA and DHA powders give continued great taste, value-added nutrition, convenience of a functional food and proven health benefits, according to the company. The patented, Powder-loc™ microencapsulation technology delivers a product that has double the EPA/DHA content of other products, says Ocean Nutrition, and possesses superior process tolerance for ease of formulation. Ocean Nutrition, 888-980-8889, www.ocean-nutrition.com

Clear Sailing
A new, highly soluble calcium phosphate that can be used in all beverage applications, but has been specifically formulated for use in juices and clear acidic beverages, is now available. Innophos’ VersaCAL® Clear is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus, which together are essential for bone health, the company states. It has superior solubility; excellent clarity; no effect on color of finished product; no gritty or chalky mouthfeel; a clean aftertaste; and is a bland, odorless powder. Innophos Inc., 800-243-5052, www.Innophos.com  

Reaching Out to Customers
A manufacturer of flavor, fragrance and food additives provides high-quality products under strict safety standards to customers around the world. Aipu’s main customers range from the food manufacturing industry to restaurant end-users. They offer comprehensive solutions with a diversified range of specialized products, with three food manufacturing plants in China to complement the R&D center in Shanghai. Typical products include caramel color (liquid and powdered), food flavor and taste enhancers, and savory essence and flavors (including beef, chicken and pork flavors). Aipu Food Industry Co., Ltd., www.aipufood.com   

So Sweet
A “no questions” letter from the FDA has been issued for one company’s stevia sweetener. Wisdom Natural Brands’™ SweetLeaf™ Sweetener® extract has been given GRAS status, is claimed to be all-natural, zero-calorie, no-carb and has a zero-glycemic index. The difference between SweetLeaf and other stevia sweeteners, says the company, is that SweetLeaf does not chemically alter the molecular structure of the sweet compounds, glycosides. This high-intensity sweetener extract is a safe and pure alternative to sugar for consumers and food and beverage companies, the company claims. Wisdom Natural Brands, www.wisdomnaturalbrands.com , www.sweetleaf.com

New Culinary Innovation Department
One specialty foods company has announced the addition of a new department to compliment and expand on its R&D capabilities. HB Specialty Foods’ new Culinary Innovation Department will help the company supply its customers with the innovation required to bring successful products to the marketplace. Whether launching a new product with increased health benefits or creating new flavor profiles for line extensions, HB is firmly committed to being the company that helps its customers stay ahead of the competition. HB Specialty Foods, 877-467-7441, www.hbspecialtyfoods.com

Exciting Flavor Expansion
One company is expanding its flavor offerings, with the launch of a new culinary collection line designed to allow food technologists to imitate the authentic cooked onion and garlic profiles from typical culinary techniques. Kalsec® Inc.’s Culinary Collections’ initial launch includes three cooked flavor profiles: sautéed sweet onion, caramelized onion and smoked garlic, with future additions expected. The line provides the development chef with the flavor and aroma that meet culinary standards, while setting the stage for an easy transition from creative kitchen to foodservice or food processing environments. Kalsec Inc., 800-323-9320,  www.kalsec.com